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Learn how to edit amazing trailers with pro Hollywood editors in The Art of Trailer Editing provided by Film Editing Pro

Trailers are required to acquire a pre-selling audience that desires to watch the film. Trailers that reveal portions of the movie plot while employing shots that depict action and tension have a bigger pre-sold audience than trailers that are sluggish and don’t explain anything about the movie. The trailers that succeed will earn the great income from the movie, since they are more likely to be talked about on social media and will have significant worldwide pre-sold audiences. The course The Art of Trailer Editing is a step-by-step Film Editing Pro course which enables you to create incredible trailers, teasers and promotions.

The Art of Trailer Editing was designed with the simple aim of openly sharing with any student interested in learning the creative approaches of the film, TV and trailer industries. This course is designed for editors, filmmakers, content creators, marketers and, in essence, anybody who requires teasers, trailers, advertisements or any other short format media. The courses are, of course, for beginners to develop editors and the principles work with any editing program.

Even though an editor can trim long-format works like films, documentaries, television series and similarly be quite comfortable, many aren’t equipped with tools to cut good trailers. It’s a whole new set of editing talents. One of the hardest elements to edit a trailer or commercial is to integrate it all in a manner that is smooth, engaging and unforgettable. Get it properly, and people will be eager about the next thing. Get it incorrectly and probably they won’t give you another opportunity. The way you edit your trailers appears seamless by linking apparently unconnected moments together using editing expertise to produce something that tells a convincing tale, feels rhythmically gratifying and emerges from the ground floor.

Here is the course curriculum of The Art of Trailer Editing from Film Editing Pro:

  • Module 1: Welcome
  • Module 2: Introduction to Trailer Editing
  • Module 3: Planning a Trailer
  • Module 4: Essential Trailer Editing Techniques
  • Module 5: Drama Trailer Techniques
  • Module 6: Comedy Trailer Techniques
  • Module 7: Action Trailer Techniques
  • Module 8: Suspense and Horror Trailer Techniques
  • Module 9: The Editing Workshop
  • Module 10: Wrap Up

What is Film Editing Pro?

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Film Editing Pro is an online training school that offers thorough, step-by-step creative editing instruction. They are more concerned with teaching you creative editing methods than they are with teaching you which buttons to press or some arcane theory. With more than 120 years of collective editing expertise, the contributing team of experienced Hollywood editors has worked on a wide range of projects including feature films, television shows, trailers, advertisements, and internet material, among other things. You will learn from the best editors in the genre, style, or technique you are studying in each Film Editing Pro course, which will include specific skills such as how to effectively use sound design, how to cut a fight scene, how to custom edit a music cue, how to edit movie trailers, and much more.

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