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In The 2021 TDV Virtual Summit you will learn all the secrets of the Great Reset, which the World Economic Forum predicts and designs to survive and flourish.

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What is The 2021 TDV Virtual Summit and how does it benefit you?

Satan Claus (World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab) claims you’re not going to own anything by 2030. And he’s absolutely right for most people. He also claimed that you would be glad about it. But you probably know that’s a lot of garbage already. And you probably understand the elite’s objective of mass deprivation and of desolations, poverty and utter servitude for the rest of humanity. They could attempt to put a nice bow, but they don’t even hide it. The agenda has been fully displayed since the covetous disaster. Like their aim to tear us apart through politics of identity and worse. It leads to violence, disturbances and more draconian control.

But the finishing game is far from finished. We have devised effective counter tactics, because many of us have not only woken up to their intentions, but also to turn on WEF’s ultimate aim and deliver a knockout in your favor. If you know how to zig when they zag, at least. That is why our presenters now have the right moment to disclose their best kept secrets in precious metals, autonomy, developing markets, survival gardening, secondary and residential passports, offshore banking, international real estate, cryptocurrency, and much more. More crucially, put up a specific plan that will facilitate your survival and your prosperity during and after the Grand Reset.

The 2021 TDV Virtual Summit is for everyone interested in independence and freedom, investment in cryptocurrency, precious metals, second passports, residence, international property, gardening survival, asset protection, developing markets, self-sufficiency and much more. The time to prepare for the Grand Reset is over. Learn from the finest at The Virtual Summit 2021 TDV. It’s terrifying for some to take responsibility for your future. But that’s why the majority of the people will fall into the scheme of the elite, where you have nothing, privacy, and life is never better. Fortunately, you can learn to select the proper investment, spread your savings and lives worldwide, develop support schemes, and be prepared for everything. But accountability includes learning from the proven ones. Our lecturers are committed to discovering the greatest investments, the best business instruments and the best method to maintain your freedom in 2021 and beyond. 

With The 2021 TDV Virtual Summit you will get the following bonuses: 

  • Bonus #1: 2020 TDV Online Summit: Post Selection Edition Recordings
  • Bonus #2: Downloadable Links for Audio of all Speakers
  • Bonus #3: 2020 TDV Online Summit: CoronaVirus Survival Edition
  • Bonus #4: Summit Transcripts
  • Bonus #5: Summit Notes

What is The Dollar Vigilante? 

The 2021 TDV Virtual Summit - The Dollar Vigilante

The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) was founded in 2009 by Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos and has developed into one of the world’s most famous financial blogs and newsletters owing to its radical free market tendencies and timely calls for upcoming trends. Including suggesting Bitcoin for trading in 2011 at $3 (subsequently rising to more than $1,000). CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CBC,, have highlighted TDV, as well as several other TV, radio, podcasts, and websites. TDV offers a good picture of government involvement so you may take the steps that best protect you from government intervention in both markets and your own finances. The TDV has no illusions whatsoever about governments and central banks with their proclivity to steal, manipulate markets and wreak physical and economic damage.

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