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Become a professional copywriter by mastering The 10 Laws of Copywriting from Dave Gerhardt

Once you get into it, you’ll find that your business needs to write a lot of things. Whether it’s your website, your publicity, social media postings or even your blog, it is vital to make sure your copywriting is on-the-spot. One method to achieve that is by helping you with a skilled copywriter. The knowledge of your target audience is one of the major copywriting elements. It is important to be able to talk the language of your target audience, as well as being able to reach their pain spots and celebrate their victories. The innovative and engaging emphasis on the strengths and limitations of your organization is a vital knowledge that may make a difference as to whether someone goes with you or a competent copywriter.

Consistency is essential and it is crucial to ensure that your copywriting matches your branding. You don’t want a loud, thrilling duplicate of your massage therapist as much as you don’t want loud, thrilling imagery. You want something tranquil, serene and inviting. It is vital to ensure that your copywriting is consistent throughout all your marketing documents and to ensure that this happens with a copywriter. Excellent copywriting will also make your brand known and make you comfy to hear from your consumers. If you’re used to interesting, engaging material, you’ll always be pleased to hear from you. If you don’t agree with your material, it will get confused and press the unsubscribe or unfollow button faster than you can.

The 10 Laws of Copywriting course by Dave Gerhardt is not the guru’s course on the inspiring speech circuit. This is not how a marketing staff can help you. This information is based on genuine experience in marketing and consistent outcomes. These copywriting lessons helped Dave Gerhardt launch products and side-projects in a crowded market, sell thousands of books, land features in the Times of New York, Forbes and Harvard Business Reviews, create podcasts in the ApplePodcasts charts, and increase my career in four years from marketing manager to chief marketing officer.

Copywriting is one of most vital skills to master in business, and here is what Dave Gerhardt shares with you in The 10 Laws of Copywriting course:

  • Law #1: Learn how people make decisions.
  • Law #2: Uncover the selfish benefit.
  • Law #3: Learn how to tell a great story.
  • Law #4: Write like you talk.
  • Law #5: Use your customer’s words, not yours.
  • Law #6: Write a short, choppy copy.
  • Law #7: Be specific.
  • Law #8: Nail the headline.
  • Law #9: Back everything up with social proof.
  • Law #10: Address objections upfront.

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Dave Gerhardt is a Privy CMO and one of today’s leading brand creators in B2B. He was VP of Marketing at Drift for over 4 years before Privy and contributed to building one of the fastest growing SaaS startups of all times. His work has been published in a number of online newspapers including Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, etc. He contributed to the creation of hypergrowth and co-authored the book on conversational marketing, a #1 new publication on Amazon’s Marketing and Sales business and a top 20 U.S. business book. Dave Gerhardt lives with his wife and two children in Boston.

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