Module 1: Addicted Buying Audiences:

Step-By-Step Methods to Choose a Red HOT Niche Market Full of Hungry Buying Addicts! TERRY DEAN

Why the single most important secret behind every six and seven figure business is a HUNGRY Buying Audience’and how you can virtually guarantee your success with easy-to-use online resources that are 100% free.
4 Simple Questions you should always ask to determine how ADDICTED an audience is to the exact type of information you’ll be offering’and why you want an audience desperately searching for their next fix!

Module 2: Six Figure+ Idea Generator:

21 Ways to Create Six Figure+ Infoproducts FAST

How to come up with dozens of BESTSELLING ideas for information products you can create FAST’and which ones to choose for your front-end, upsells, backend, and even monthly continuity for ongoing passive income.
Why even beginners can create a product about the ‘Basics’ that customers are desperate to buy with one of these 2 proven hooks’and I’ll give you the exact title templates you can steal for maximum profits.
How to piggyback on BIG product launches in your market with a quick product that’s guaranteed to be a hit because it’s already a proven concept on everyone’s mind!

Module 3: Blockbusters:

How to Package Your Big Idea Into a Best Selling Hook

The single biggest secret to an attention grabbing product hook’which you can’t afford to ignore

Module 4: World Domination Master Plan:

Proven Methods for Attracting LOYAL Customers & Creating Highly Profitable Funnels

How to double the value of every customer that buys from you.
4 Ways to ‘Program’ your customer’s subconscious to spend money with you and get better results from anything they buy.
How to apply the 80/20 rule to turn $50 customers into $12,800 big ticket backend buyers using proven stair step strategies virtually no one is talking about.
6 Methods for turning one-time purchases into lifetime monthly income

Module 5: Lead Magnet Magic:

How to Quickly Grow Your Email List, Establish Your Authority, And Turn Visitors Into Buyers

6 Simple Tricks for creating a Lead Magnet that attracts attention in a competitive marketplace, positions you as the premier authority
Which of these 3 questions will help you tap into the right lead magnet to attract thousands of new buyers?
How long should a Lead Magnet be? It depends on your product. Find out how much free information you should include based on what you’re asking a customer to buy next.

Module 6: Buyer Bullseye:

How to Buy High Quality Customers at a Discount, Make Immediate Upsells, and Turn Them Into Lifelong Customers

The Easy 10 Second FIX I’ve used with over HALF of my clients on their first few websites.
How to get yourself mentally and physically in the zone to write order producing copy for your ads, emails, websites, and videos.
5 copywriting formulas used by the World’s Best copywriters and salespeople.
21 Bullet Formulas proven to create benefit rich and curiosity inducing copy.
How to quickly and easily create winning headlines using the FUN and often downright silly ‘Magical Headline Game.’
13 Step guide designed specifically to maximize passive income from eBooks, online courses, group coaching, membership sites, and more.
Why you don’t have to be a great writer or designer to create order producing websites’and what you should do instead if you want to join the most profitable & successful direct marketing millionaires.

Module 7: Money Maximizers:

How to Set-up Automated Order Systems, Deliver Digital Products, and Track Your Numbers

How to tap into ’24-7 Automation’ where visitors are attracted to your site. Emails go out on the schedule you set, and shopping carts process orders, make upsells.
Which payment tools, merchant accounts, shopping carts and even companies to use to deliver physical products

Module 8: Traffic For Life:

How to Create an Avalanche of Cash-In Hand Buyers

Discover the ‘Unlimited Traffic Secret’ that allows you to so fully dominate your market
How to attract hordes of free visitors by positioning yourself as a trusted authority in the market
Attract visitors, interact with your buyers, and set-up lucrative joint venture deals with the ’15 Minute Social Media Plan’.





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