Technical Analysis – Master the Art of Stock Trading


Technical Analysis – Master the Art of Stock Trading


What you’ll learn

Learn analysing trends of any stock
Learn technical analysis hands-on from scratch


Basic/Advanced level training/diploma in Security Analysis (preferable).
A PC/Laptop with a high speed Internet Connection and a modern web browser such as Chrome as the entire course is available through online only.

Motivation to acquire invaluable knowledge on TA and FA and their application in stock markets.
Basic level knowledge/understanding of the financial markets and commodities.
Understanding of/well-versed in English language as all course materials are in the language only.


Technical Analysis is an examination technique to recognize trading opportunities in the market on the basis of activities of markets participants.

The movements of these participants can be envisioned by the preparation of a stock chart. With the passage of time, patterns are shaped within these charts and each pattern expresses a different meaning.

The duty of a technical analyst is to recognize these patterns and construct an opinion. Just like any other technique, technical analysis also is based on a few assumptions.



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