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Dear Future Financial Freedomer,

Can I ask you a question?
How long do you think it takes to become financially free?
2 years?
5 years?
10 years?
30 years?
50 years?

However long, the truth about reaching your financial goals…is ugly.
Out of 100 people only 1 person will become wealthy, 4 will become financially independent, 15 will have some savings put aside and a whopping 80 people will be dependent on pensions, still working, or flat out broke.
That means if you’re reading this right now, you have a 5% chance of ever becoming financially free.
Pretty scary…right?
It would scare me…
Can you imagine working day in and day out every day until the day you died?
That’s a frightening thought.
Never having the chance to do the things you want like travel, relax, support your loved ones and maybe not even have a penny to leave behind for your family.

You’re stuck in constant debt (the worst), never having the chance to get out.

And let’s say you worked your butt off and finally did get out of debt…but then something new came up… like a doctor’s bill or an emergency that all of a sudden put you back into the place you just worked years to finally get to (this scenario happens way too often).
You’ve always just done “Ok”. You haven’t made millions of dollars but you aren’t struggling. You are forced to put in regular work hours Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm until you are 65 years old. It’s not the money that’s the issue…it’s the time it takes to be able to have the freedom you desire.
These are situations that people live with every single day.
You might be one of them.
It’s not easy…it’s hard, it’s frustrating and can be extremely stressful.
It’s like everyday you are hoping and praying something doesn’t happen out of the norm because if it did…
…you wouldn’t have the funds to cover it.

I was broke, I was tired and I was drained.

I look back to those days and I get a chill down my spine.
It was something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, and I know there are some of you who are going through it yourself right now.
And I feel for you.
But as they say…

“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.”

So what did I do? I kept going after my dream.
I struggled through 14 different businesses in 12 years. None of them were successful.
After years of frustration and struggle, I finally learned and used the principles that I now teach all over the world, and as you heard from my introduction, I went from 0 to millionaire in only just over 2 years.
Sounds great, right?
It was… I was confident, I felt successful and I knew I finally made it…
…that was until I lost it.

See when I was in my 20’s everyone kept saying, “Just focus on making money, focus on making money, focus on making money.”
Or, “Once you make enough you will be set.”
Well guess what… Being a millionaire and staying a millionaire are 2 different worlds. I didn’t know that.

Over the next 2 years I lost my fortune and only had $2000 in the bank, and now had a wife and 2 babies!

I realized the hard way that making money was only 1 part of the equation.
And that having a lot of money does not necessarily mean you will ‘win the money game’.

We need to put our energy, our attention, and our strategies on freedom first.
And then AFTER we have become fully financially free, AFTER we have won the money game, AFTER we never “have” to work again, then and only then can we set an entirely new and different goal to be rich.
The time is NOW to work on your financial freedom…
Which is why I created a brand NEW program.
It’s called…

I’ve had the blessing of teaching over 1 million students across the world (most how to become financially free).
I’ve had the chance to really eat, sleep and breathe the topic…
…on both sides of the spectrum being really, really broke and being really, really, really rich and free .
I’ve done all the programs, read all the books, consulted with the richest and smartest people in the world and have made over hundreds of millions of dollars.

All of which has helped me create a simple and doable 8-step program to becoming financially free quickly.

“Fast Results”
“This wasn’t the first time I’ve done ‘personal growth,’ but it was the first time in relation to money. You said we should expect results fast. Fast was no joke. Within 3-4 days, I received the LARGEST CHECK I’ve ever received to date. And now, almost 2 weeks later, there is cash LEFT OVER and my next check will be here in a couple of days!”
Jody Weigel

“I’m Now A Bestselling Author”
“Hi Harv. I want to thank you for being our mentor and creating such amazing courses. My husband and I graduated from your program and we have never looked back. I set an intention to become an Amazon best-selling author and I’m thrilled to share with you that has come true TODAY. The book skyrocketed to the Amazon #1 slot for both Canada and U.S. in two different categories.


“My Net Worth Skyrocketed”

Catherine Hallock“Hey Harv! I have gone from being worth $0 to now having almost $800,000 in real estate, a fully paid for car and my beloved Harley. I did it on $13/hour and with some wise investing in real estate and house flipping. I am a money magnet! My life is fantastic and the final pieces to my puzzle are quickly falling into place!”
David Jackson


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Having a freedom mindset means your thoughts, beliefs, and habits support you in creating financial freedom vs. prevent you from creating it.
Unfortunately most of us have been conditioned to not only have non-supportive thoughts and beliefs around money and wealth but also around financial freedom and income without working.
How many of you grew up with your parents saying . . . “It’s time for you to make some money for yourself, now go out there and earn some passive income”?
I’m sure for the majority of you this is not how your parents talked about you earning money. Most likely they said, “Go to work. Get a job!” Yes or yes?
There may be several non-supportive beliefs that could be holding you back from financial freedom. For example:
– If I get rich, I’ll be financially free.
– If I earn a lot of money, I’ll be financially free
– You have to work hard for money.
– A dollar’s pay for a dollar’s work.
– It’s not right to have a lot of money when others are so poor.
– I’m not worthy if I’m not working ….(By the way… no one said you can’t work, this is about having the choice as to whether you work or not and when).
Retirement is for old people. (Again, you don’t have to retire, you just have to be free to do what you want when you want. . . does this make sense?)
In short, if you continue to have non-supportive thoughts and beliefs around money, freedom and passive income . . . there’s a good chance you’ll never be free! So it’s imperative to be aware of these weeds in the garden of our mind and clear them.


Bottom line: if you want to have money later you have to start accumulating it now. And you can’t accumulate it if you don’t keep any of it.
Having money is like having soldiers; in this case your soldiers are like Freedom Fighters. If you get rid of all of your soldiers you will have no one working for you. So you must keep them as best as possible.
The oldest wealth rule in existence is spend less than you earn. I will repeat that. Spend less than you earn.
So becoming aware of exactly how much you spend each month compared to what you earn is critical to your future freedom.
And once you figure out how and where you spend your money you can accelerate your path to financial freedom with just ONE action.
Want to know what it is?
By eliminating or decreasing unnecessary expenses.
Rich people think LONG TERM. Poor and broke people think SHORT TERM and immediate gratification. Rich people have one eye in the present and one eye in the future. Broke people usually have both eyes in the present and are blind to the future.
A lot of people operate under the assumption of, “It’s okay to spend it all because A. I think I need it or B. Eventually I’ll be making a lot more money.”
Assumptions like these are why most people are broke and will be broke forever.
Even if they do earn more money, they’ll still be broke.
Because we are creatures of habit . . .
If we believe it’s ok to spend it all now then we will also spend it all later.
So bottom line is common sense. You must live within your means. Meaning you simply cannot, I repeat cannot spend more money than you earn. Yes, that might affect your current lifestyle; maybe the house you live in, maybe the type of car you drive, maybe the clothes you wear, maybe where and how often you go out to eat or even what you eat. But if you want to be free any time soon your habit will have to be that no matter how much or little that number is, you simply spend less than you earn.
And it’s quite amazing when I go into my student’s specific details, how much we find together that we can delete without one less drop of happiness.
That’s something we’ll hopefully be able to work with you on and clear in the future.


Would you like to know the number one difference between financially free people and poor people? Financially free people are good money managers, poor people are usually poor money managers.
If you aren’t where you want to be financially, then you most likely aren’t managing your money well enough.
In my system, managing your money means splitting your money up into different accounts for different uses.
Could you imagine a baseball game where every player on the field is playing one position, say 3rd base? Is there any hope that that team will win? No way. 90% of the field is left uncovered.
Conversely, if there are 9 players on the field, each has a different position with a different role to play. Yes or yes?
Same with your money. Your money cannot all be playing one position on the field. It cannot all be in one bank account or it will be impossible to win the game.
That’s why we need to split up our money into different accounts with different usages for each.
For example, you need to have separate accounts that covers your necessary expenses like your mortgage or rent, your groceries, your utilities, your gas and your car insurance.

You’ll need a separate account for short term pleasure and play.
You’ll need a different account for investments and to buy passive income streams.
When we coach people we have 5 different accounts that we work with. And I’ll tell you something. I know it’s a bit woo woo but when the people we work with use the money management system we teach them, miracles, I mean money miracles begin to occur.
Bottom line, if you don’t manage your money, your money will manage you. And that my friends is not the way to freedom, it’s a sure way to disaster.


Let’s face it, it’s great to save your money and it’s great to manage your money but to do either of these you actually have to start with some money and the more money you have coming in the more you can mange and the more you can save and the more you can invest and the more you can build or buy passive income structures. In short, all else being in place, earning a lot of money or at least a lot more money, will make becoming financially free a lot faster and a lot easier.
Unfortunately a majority of people believe they are “stuck” with their current level of earnings, give or take a few percentages, be it from a job or from a business. And this is simply not true.


Investing for appreciation means you are looking for the value of your investment to increase.
If you reinvest your earnings, your appreciation compounds. Compounding is like when your financial soldiers have babies, and then those babies grow up and become soldiers and they go work for you, and then they have babies, and so on, and so on, and so on.
Appreciation and re-investing your earnings are the most popular way to grow your money and how many people create their freedom and even wealth.
The issue for most people is they never learned how to properly invest.
I definitely didn’t learn how to invest in grade school or even in university! Did you?
And because of this lack of knowledge, we tend to make poor decisions and often lose our hard earned money, or we tend to make no decisions at all and our financial soldiers just sit there and do nothing.
Neither of these actions or ‘in-actions’ will help you become financially free.


As I said earlier, earning a lot of money or even having a lot of money does not necessarily mean you are financially free.
So the 7th element is to focus on how to make money without your own time and energy involved.
Creating passive income streams is how most people can become financially free in 5 years, or even less.
There are two general types of passive income:
The FIRST type is: passive income INVESTMENTS.
These investments generally create monthly income with a fixed or standard rate of return attached to them.
This would include vehicles like bank and government bonds, corporate bonds, t-bills, owning mortgages, rental property income and the like etc.
It’s important to realize that this is different than investing for appreciation.
Instead of hoping your investment will rise in value, you’re more concerned with the amount of passive income you will earn each month or each year from that investment.


One of the things I believe is if you have the wherewithal to become financially successful it is your duty to do so. Why? So you can help people who will never have that wherewithal.
There are not hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people that could use our help. There are millions around the world who barely have one decent meal a day or no clean water or no access to medicine.
From what I can tell, most people are good, kind-hearted people and are very generous if they have more than enough for themselves. And there’s the rub. Most people don’t have an abundance of money for themselves and so it’s hard for them to be overly generous to others.
And here’s the thing, generally we will do more for others than for ourselves. Meaning when we have a truly important reason or cause to support, first it seems to motivate us more and second, due to the law of karma, good things seem to happen for us.
Bottom line, do not wait until you are making a ton of money to make it a habit of contributing financially to others.



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