Supperia ProTools (FlashLight & SuperDom)


Supperia ProTools (FlashLight & SuperDom)

SupperiaProfiles is an advanced tool that is imported as an indicator for NinjaTrader and profile diagrams shown by the price and volume distribution in the different sessions of chart. To take advantage of the information provided by the measure is necessary to be versed in the theory of the CBOT Market Profile.
The indicator does not require real time to operate, can work with historical bars. But it does not support other indicators in the same chart.
The indicator is fitted with an innovative feature that allows you to recreate the building profiles TPOs of price and volume over time, bar by bar, simply by sliding the mouse through the bars of the session. In the next picture recreation diagram shown price, but also can be applied to the volume. This functionality is ideal for tasks of education and training and to facilitate the analysis of historical trader sessions and finding patterns.

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