SuperTurtle Systems Pack for TradersStudio 2.55


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SuperTurtle Systems Pack for TradersStudio 2.55

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SuperTurtle Systems Pack for TradersStudio 2.55

SuperTurtle Systems Pack for TradersStudio 2.55


I want to intelligently trade stocks or ETFs

How do I design a long term strategy to mechanically trade my IRA or 401(k)?

How does diversification help limit investment risk?

How can I start trading futures using tested trading systems?

How can I use futures as a long term plan for wealth building?

I want to be able to compete with large institutional traders and have the same tools they do

I want to find a true edge that other traders don’t have


A Trading System Platform Made For Everyone



TradersStudio is a complete backtesting and system development platform which makes it easy to design trading strategies on stock, ETF, commodity, and forex markets. Your money is too valuable to risk trading without testing the strategy you want to trade 100% objectively. If a strategy has not worked in the past you can’t expect it to be profitable in the future. Indeed, trading a untested strategy is like playing Russian roulette with your financial future.


You can either use TradersStudio to design your own strategies or it can be used to run professionally designed strategies that have strong historical trading records. You can either run the strategies you buy, develop yourself, or have a broker trade for you.


TradersStudio has many tools to help you evaluate a trading strategy and see if it is likely to work into the future.


TradersStudio is for anyone who wants to take trading and investing seriously using a scientific method. TradersStudio has the ability to not only develop trading strategies but also design custom risk management strategies. TradersStudio is so powerful that many professional money managers use it to implement there trading strategies. For example, Tuttle Tactical Management, a company that manages almost $200 million, implements and trades their strategies using TradersStudio. This is because TradersStudio has advanced features to accurately design simulations of your equity strategies. Murray Ruggiero, the designer and developer of TradersStudio, is Chief System Designer and on the investment committee at Tuttle Tactical management.


This platform is highly extensible. You can write any custom function, indicator, or system you want. You can also write macros which can automate processes. For example, you can implement a Monte-Carlo simulator using just scripting in TradersStudio. You also can extend the TradersStudio language using C++ or .NET.


Since the platform is so extensible, we offer many plugins for it. Our most popular plugin is CycleStudio which is a complete cycle analysis package for analyzing the markets based on the Maximum Entropy Method (MEM), DFT, and Hilbert Transform. We also have a neural network add-in called NeuralStudio which implements both SVM as well as back propagation.

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