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The Active Investor Blueprint by Steve Nison walks you through the step-by-step guideline on how to apply candlesticks to real trading to earn real profits.

The Active Investor Blueprint By Steve Nison: Becoming A Much More Profitable Trader!

The Active Investor Blueprint by Steve Nison shares with you the best guidelines on how to trade based on insights into the market trends through the effective technical analysis and candlesticks. The combination between theories and experiences is what you can gain access to in this course. Thus, you can learn effective methods and strategies through the lens of reality. 


The Main Aspects Addressed In The The Active Investor Blueprint By Steve Nison Include: 

The Active Investor Blueprint - Library of Trader
The Active Investor Blueprint
  • The walk-through of candlestick framework so that you can build a solid foundation of understanding about strategies and techniques. 
  • How to foresee the long-term trends and movements for the consistency of profitability. 
  • How to combine the daily and weekly as well as monthly charts, for your better and more effective management and technical analysis. 
  • Insights into support and resistance levels for better understanding about the trading market. 
  • How to apply trendlines to the development and application of simple, but powerful trading strategies. 
  • How to use the change of polarity to get the right timing of your trading actions. 
  • How to apply the Snap and crack strategy to your trading. 
  • How to get the timing to bail out from the downtrends before they happen. 
  • How to use ETFs as a smart vehicle for investment, even if you are just a newcomer. 
  • How to grab the great opportunities to achieve the phenomenal growth of trading profitability amidst the volatile market. 
  • How to better understand the “three line break” chart to learn more about the long-term investment setups and for the highest probability. 
  • How candlesticks can help you decode the hints for the upcoming trends and movements. 
  • How to apply candlesticks to investing bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, gold, crude oils, and so on. 
  • And so much more!

About Steve Nison

Steve Nison has built his reputation in the field of financial trading, especially technical trading, candlecharts, and so on. The main focus that Steve Nison has been deep diving into is to decode the market signals and hints for the upcoming market trends and movements. The projection of next market trends is increasing its accuracy through the development and application of effective techniques of candle chart reading. 

Steve Nison - Library of Trader
Steve Nison

He has been developing an online platform where you can get access to online courses and educational programs. Thus, you can gain practical insights into how Steve applies technical methods to real trading for higher earnings without undertaking high risks. Moreover, you can learn more about his illuminating insights into how Steve applies candlesticks to real trading through his books, such as: 


  • Japanese candlestick charting techniques
  • Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed
  • Chart-Analyse mit Candlesticks: Renko, Kagi und andere Chartsformen
  • Candlestick Charting Basics
  • Beginning to Profit from Candlestick Charts 
  • Strategies for Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Charts
  • The Candlestick Course LIB/e
  • And so much more!


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