Stephen Smotherman – The Reseller Guide to A Year in FBA


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Stephen Smotherman – The Reseller Guide to A Year in FBA


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to always be prepared for whatever comes your way in your Amazon business? Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like you’re always a few steps behind other Amazon sellers? If you’re ready to always be ready, then this book is for you.

The Problem

A few years ago I started to get frustrated that I was always behind in my Amazon FBA business. I often heard on online forums that other Amazon sellers were already making holiday-related sales before I even thought about sourcing for that upcoming holiday. Not only that, but I missed out on some really good retail arbitrage sales, almost got charged a hefty long-term storage fee, got stuck in a super slow sales drought during the summer, and wasn’t fully prepared for Q4.  I realized that I was missing out on a lot of profitable opportunities simply because I wasn’t prepared.

The Solution & Results

I decided that I wasn’t going to be left behind again. I committed to myself that during the next year, I would faithfully research and record every single opportunity that would either save me money or make me money on Amazon. This little research project of mine ended up being over 160 pages. Following everything in my personal Year in FBA guide, I was finally able to achieve six figures in sales for the year. The two years after that, I was able to grow my business by another 50% each year. Every year I update this book, and it’s currently over 225 pages of extremely valuable and relevant information.

What You Can Expect

The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA is a month by month guide that will help you be properly prepared for all you need to do (and avoid doing) in order to help you both save money and maximize your profits. There is a chapter in the book for each month of the year. From January to December, I’ll walk you through everything from important deadlines, what items to source for, and holidays to prepare for, to sales to take advantage of and resources that will help you become an expert in many different aspects of online reselling.

Month-By-Month Training Videos

Each month of the year has its very own hour-long training video that comes as a supplement to the Year in FBA book. During these content-packed training videos, I’ll discuss exactly what I’m doing and what I think you need to be doing to make the most of your time and sourcing capital for each specific month. I’ll talk about what to prepare for, what sourcing opportunities are out there, and what you need to be sure NOT to do that month. These training videos were recorded live, so at the end of each training session I opened things up to some Q&A where I answered questions based on what’s going on in the Amazon FBA world that month. You’ll get over 12 hours of video training, averaging out to an hour of actionable and profitable content each month.

Updated every year!

The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA updates every year to help you be prepared for everything the year has to offer. The book currently has over 225 pages. From January to December, The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA will help you make this year your best one ever. When you purchase the 2018 updated version of A Year in FBA, then you’ll automatically get the 2019, 2020, 2021 (etc.), updates (including new and updated bonuses) for FREE!

Scroll inside the box below to check out the table of contents:

The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA
Table of Contents


  • Wait! Don’t Skip The Introduction!
  • A Little About Me
  • How to Read This Book
  • Video Training Access
  • Repetition
  • Free Updates
  • The Year in FBA Facebook Group
  • Recommended Resources
  • Basic Understanding
  • Disclaimers
  • Links
  • Start Strong

Chapter 1: January

  • Happy New Year!
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Q4 Detox
  • Handling Returns
  • Extended Holiday Return Window
  • January Sourcing Detox
  • Adding Wholesale to Your FBA Business
  • Thrift Stores in January
  • Post-Christmas Amazon Price Drops
  • January Sourcing Ideas
  • Popular Items Sold in January
  • Textbooks
  • Long Term Storage Fees
  • How to Know Which Items Will Be Charged (and How Much)
  • Avoiding Long Term Storage Fees
  • Valentine’s Day is Coming
  • Taxes
  • Important Dates in January

Chapter 2: February

  • Welcome to February!
  • Long Term Storage Fees
  • Opportunity Costs
  • February 13th
  • Post-Long-Term Storage Fee Strategy
  • Amazon Fee Increases
  • Slower Sales & Lower Sales
  • Craiglist Sourcing Strategies for February
  • Valentine’s Day
  • After Valentine’s Day Sales
  • Chinese New Year
  • March/April Dates to Prepare For
  • Weather-Related Sourcing Ideas
  • Feed the Beast
  • Iced in? Get Creative!
  • Important Dates in February

Chapter 3: March

  • Welcome to March!
  • Garage Sales
  • Hit or Miss
  • Automatically Track Your Mileage
  • ASD in Las Vegas
  • Buying Complete Booths
  • The ASD Experience
  • Overwhelmed by ASD?
  • Can’t Make the Trade Show?
  • April Dates to Prepare For
  • Bundling Basics
  • How to Apply For the GTIN Exemption
  • Important Bundling Rules
  • Higher Bundle Profits
  • Marching Towards Profits
  • Important Dates in March

Chapter 4: April

  • Welcome to April!
  • Meltable Items
  • Meltable Mishaps
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Automated Spring Cleaning (Removals)
  • Profitable April Sourcing
  • Garage Sale Tip of the Month
  • Taxes
  • May Dates To Prepare For
  • CES Conference
  • Important Dates in April

Chapter 5: May

  • Welcome to May!
  • What to Do on May 1
  • Free Money
  • June Dates to Prepare For
  • Prime Day Lightning Deals Opportunity
  • Preparing for Summer with Kids at Home
  • How To Gain Millions More Customers
  • Cleaning up Your FBA Inventory with a Garage Sale
  • Important Dates in May

Chapter 6: June

  • Welcome to June!
  • Avoiding The Summer Slowdown
  • Bundle Up to Avoid the Summer Slowdown
  • Family Time
  • July Dates to Prepare For
  • Winter Sourcing
  • Sourcing Road Trip
  • Going on Vacation
  • Expanding Your Sourcing Skills
  • The Wholesale Formula
  • Important Dates in June

Chapter 7: July

  • Welcome to July!
  • Items to Source in July
  • Post July 4th Sales
  • Massive Target Toy Clearance Sale
  • Prime Day
  • Amazon Policy and Fee Changes
  • August Dates to Prepare For
  • Long-Term Storage Fees
  • How to Know Which Items Will Be Charged (and How Much)
  • Avoiding Long-Term Storage Fees
  • Selling Seasonal Items on Amazon
  • Important Dates in July

Chapter 8: August

  • Welcome to August!
  • End of Summer Sales
  • ASD Trade Show
  • Back to School
  • Back to School for You!
  • While the Kids are Off to School
  • Long Term Storage Fee Reminder
  • Opportunity Costs
  • August 13
  • Post-Long-Term Storage Fee Strategy
  • September Dates to Prepare For
  • Feedback Preparations for Q4
  • Important Dates in August

Chapter 9: September

  • Welcome to September!
  • Preparing for Q$
  • The Q4 Snowball
  • More Help with Q4
  • Repricing
  • October Dates to Prepare For
  • A Q4 Warning
  • Bundling Basics
  • How to Apply for a GTIN Exemption
  • Important Bundling Rules
  • The Q4 Monlthy Storage Fee Increase
  • Important Dates in September

Chapter 10: October

  • Welcome to October!
  • Meltables
  • Q4
  • Q4 FBA Eligibility
  • Q4 Preparation
  • Stretching Your Sourcing Money
  • Supplies
  • Toys! Toys! Toys!
  • Hot Toy Lists
  • More Q4 Training
  • Raise Your Prices
  • The Christmas Arch
  • Holiday Selling Guidelines for Toys & Games
  • Merchant Fulfill?
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Halloween Candy
  • When to Slash Prices
  • After Halloween
  • Feedback Management
  • Important Dates in October

Chapter 11: November

  • Welcome to November!
  • Thankful
  • Dollar General Toy Sale
  • Post Halloween
  • More than Just Toys
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  • Summer in November?
  • Correct Q4 Expectations
  • Online Arbitrage Tips for Q4
  • Toy Sourcing in Q4
  • Black Friday Preparation
  • Black Friday Shopping Day
  • Hiring Help for Black Friday
  • Bonus Black Friday Tips
  • Better Prices Before AND After Black Friday?
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Rock Black Friday Sales Every Year
  • After Thanksgiving
  • Cyber Monday
  • Quick Q4 Tips for November
  • What NOT to Do During Q4
  • Final Thoughts about November
  • Important Dates in November

Chapter 12: December

  • Welcome to December!
  • Holding Your Price vs. The Race to the Bottom
  • Keeping Customer Service a Priority
  • Let’s Make Some money!
  • Pre-Christmas Sales
  • Shipping to Amazon FBA in Time for Christmas
  • Sales
  • The Week Before Christmas
  • A Few Days Before Christmas
  • After Christmas
  • What to Do With All That Q4 Money
  • Running Year-End Reports For Tax Purposes
  • Looking Towards the New Year
  • Important Dates in December






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