Six Figure Freelancers – Kate Bagoy


Six Figure Freelancers by Kate Bagoy shares how to become a freelancer with a financial foundation through the smart strategies for consistent earnings.

Six Figure Freelancers by Kate Bagoy


Six Figure Freelancers by Kate Bagoy provides guidance for you to start your freelance career, which can help you feel the ultimate freedom and independence in life. In other words, you will need to increase your self-discipline to stay on the right track for consistent income.


What can you expect when taking the Six Figure Freelancers by Kate Bagoy?


  • A Vision and Action Plan: 

You will learn how to shift your mindset to a higher level of energy which can help you easily visualise what to achieve and how to go towards the ultimate success you have always dreamt of through the effective action plans. 

  • A Six Figure Mindset:

How to get you out of the comfort zone and safe thoughts about the slow increase of income is shown through instruction on a six-figure mindset. 

  • A Simple Business Plan: 

The crucial business principles that you might have overlooked are pointed out and instructed in the development of your business plan. 

  • A High-Value Brand:

The creation of a style guide, tagline and messaging that could win the heart of the ideal client is shown in detailed instructions. 

  • Perfect Pricing & Packages:

The specific requirements that lead to the top earnings are deep dived through the walk-throughs on the values of your actions and how you can charge them. 

  • A Marketing Plan:

The step-by-step guidelines on how you can communicate and express your meanings without feeling sleazy, and how to build deep connections with your clients are openly shared. 

  • A Killer Online Presence:

The instruction on the development of a website and content creation for you to catch qualified leads as well as increase conversion rates is shown in this session. 

  • A Sales System:

The sales conversation process that helps you sit back and enjoy your work through the best practices of winning proposals is shown. 

  • And A Whole Lot More:

There are many other topics covered in this course, such as time management, system creation, optimization of profits, access to the mutual-growth community, and so on. 

About Kate Bagoy

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Kate Bagoy has been known as a woman with freedom, both in mind and finance. She is a sought-after freelance product designer. With the aid of her freelancing career, Kate Bagoy has also worked as the UX Mentor, digital nomad and online business coach. She has openly shared about how you can lead an abundant life as a freelancer through her realistic experience. There are many courses with Kate Bagoy, addressing a wide range of topics and aspects of being a freelancer along with the recommended actions. The detailed instructions on strategies and insightful illustrations of case studies are shown in the classes with Kate Bagoy. The step-by-step guidelines on viable actions and proven methods are provided alongside coherent explanations. Kate Bagoy has a long list of more than 50 startups in different fields, such as design, marketing, product management, strategy development, analysis, etc. as her clients. Moreover, Kate has coached more than 1000 consultants through her career. 

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