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The Options Defense Course By Simpler Trading: Protecting Options Trading From Hurtful Losses! 

Options trading has been considered as among the most lucrative markets. Thus, there are many people jumping into it and getting… experiences of many failing trades. 

The Options Defense Course by Simpler Trading shares with you the best guidelines on techniques and strategies to better risk management. The long-term run of trading takes preparation for trading tactics and strategies. 

The Options Defense Course
The Options Defense Course

You will learn the best practices as well as common mistakes. The whole process of options trading with many common strategies is shown along with the special concepts. 

Bruce Marshall, the instructor of this course, blends knowledge with realistic experiences. Thus, you can learn options trading through the lens of reality. 

The Main Points Of The Options Defense Course By Simpler Trading Include: 

  • Trading psychology and how to leverage crowd reactions for explosive gains with a calm mind. 
  • Instructions on long options, debit spreads, and diagonals
  • The best practices of how to manage risks when trading long options, debit spreads, diagonals, credit spreads, and so on. 
  • Guidelines on trading options with iron condor, iron butterfly, broken wing butterfly, and so on. 
  • Illuminating insights into the monthly calendar defense and weekly calendar defense and Q&A.
  • And so much more!

About The Content Provider, Bruce Marshall 

Bruce Marshall has been known for his careful planning and analysis. Thus, the strategies that he shares in the courses of Simpler Trading are all proven ones. He is fully aware of how important technical analysis is to develop trading strategies and tactics. There are methods and indicators that you can learn from Bruce Marshall. You can shorten your journey to become the top trader of options. 

He combines instructions on techniques and setup with the illustrations of case studies and examples, for practical insights and intimate understanding. He is now the Senior Director of Options and Income Trading at Simpler Trading. The striking approaches to options trading and risk management are what you can expect when taking the courses with him.

About Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading walks you through the best ideas of trading for top-out profitability. The techniques and strategies are among the profitable frameworks along with the updated tools and indicators. John Carter, the founder of this platform, makes the combination between theories and practices as the signature point of the Simpler Trading courses. When you take part in programs, you can learn the intricacies of trading in a simple way. It speeds up the process of earning high profits and saves you from counting the costs. 

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

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Besides, you learn the clear-cut explanation about trading and investing through the courses on our site. View more Finance & Trading courses to explore the ocean of the best practices on the best techniques and strategies to earn more money!

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