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Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading illuminates the common terminologies and basic techniques and strategies of options trading for the novice traders.

Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading walks you through the basic concepts of options trading 

Options trading has been fascinating many beginner traders by the high profitability. However, if you do not gain enough essentials, the high risks come up as the uninvited guest. Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading has been known as one of the top online courses that are highly recommended for novice traders. The detailed guidelines of fundamental techniques alongside the explicit explanation of common terminologies provide you with the solid foundation to grow. In particular, Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading walks you through the difference between Puts and Calls in Options trading, which are mostly used in this trading instrument. Subsequently, you get access to some simple spread strategies that are popular among options traders, such as iron condor, calendar, butterfly, etc. 

Moreover, you learn how to arrange your daily routine with the referenced template of daily checklist which is provided in the Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading. It helps you find trade management much easier and more effective. The essentials about capital and risk management are openly shared in the course, which can help you save yourself from counting the costs of pitfalls. Besides the best practices, you will learn about the common mistakes that even seasoned traders make in the Simpler Options 101 by Simpler Trading.  After mastering all the basics of techniques and strategies, you can get access to the recorded live trading session with the Simpler Trading expert to observe how they apply all the aforementioned techniques to real trading. 

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About Simpler Trading 

Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading was founded in 1999, with the original name of Simpler Options, by the top-notch trader in options and strategy development, John Carter. After over 20 years of establishment and growth, Simpler Trading has been among the top trading education platforms where you can learn almost anything about trading. The rich content of trading courses by Simpler Trading is activated by the powerful team of instructors who are simultaneously profitable traders with years of experiences in different trading instruments, such as forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, stocks, and so on.

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