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Fast Fibonacci for Daytraders: Discover Precise Intraday Triggers and Targets

Many overlook the power of Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio when it comes to daytrading.  That’s a costly mistake because the precision of symmetry in shorter time frames can help capture intraday price action.  Even if you follow daily or weekly charts, you can use Fibonacci for Daytraders to time entries and exits with greater confidence.  The key is to know how to identify precise triggers and targets.

Once you see how Carolyn runs Fibonacci retracements, extensions and projections intraday, you may never want to trade without these short-term price levels again.

Join Carolyn Boroden to discover how to use Fibonacci for Daytraders

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  •         How intraday Fibonacci price levels can help fine tune entries and exits
  •         Why you never run out of setups when you can find opportunities intraday
  •         How to trade against the daily chart to capture quick intraday moves
  •         Why swing and position traders can dramatically improve profitability and reduce risk with precise intraday triggers and targets
  •         How to gain clarity in your setups by focusing on intraday symmetry
  •         What intraday timeframes to follow (including specific tick charts)
  •         Which indicators Carolyn uses and how she sets up her charts
  •         5 key elements of a written trading plan (so many traders get this wrong)
  •         And so much more…

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