Simpler Options – John Carter – High Frequency Trading


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Simpler Options – John Carter – High Frequency Trading

In this course, John Carter will discuss

How HFT firms are causing you to lose money trading

How they front run your orders to catch a move without you

Why individual investors are at a disadvantage

How HFT sees what’s happening in the market before you do

Why HFT firms have a competitive advantage

How HFT firms are making billions by pickpocketing you

In this class John is going to share:

The candlestick patterns that no longer work. In fact, you should now do exactly the opposite of what the “text books” on candlestick trading tell you to do on these patterns.

Why everything you’ve been taught about placing stops is dead wrong and how you can avoid having them run by the HFTs. Never be stopped out again by a HFT who is picking off your stops.

List of stocks that are highly manipulated by HFTs and a list of stocks they can’t move nearly as much. Never let the HFTs catch you with your pants down again.

The time frames that completely eliminate a HFT’s influence and which time frames areyour absolute best friends against HFTs.

The specific markets the HFTs avoid like the plague and how to filter out the “noise” created by HFTs.

How to anticipate the false breakouts created by High Frequency Trading and exploit HFTs at their own game.

The 3 chart patterns of high frequency traders you need to know and what chart patterns have become obsolete thanks to HFTs.

And much more…

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