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Simpler Futures – Back to The Futures

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Simpler Futures – Back to The Futures


Back to the Futures

If you’re looking for rapid account growth or consistent income with minimal risk, in this special class you’ll discover specific setups that are perfect for futures contracts. Join John F. Carter, Neil Yeager, and Tony LaPorta for an immersive step-by-step training from the perspective of three seasoned traders – including John’s strategy that grew his $15K account by 80% in less than 90 days. This pack includes:

Weekly Indicators
Specialty Trades
True Strength Index Chart and Settings
Look over John, Tony and Neil’s shoulders as they trade live
Product Details

This DVD-ROM can only be played in a computer DVD drive. It is not compatible with traditional DVD players.

Format: DVD & Online versions provided
Number of discs: 2
+ 3 days of recorded live trading
Course Slides Included
Includes: Homework videos, Glossary of Terms, ES Stats, Chat transcripts from live trading sessions
Run Time: 398 minutes (disc 1), 1,206 minutes (disc 2)




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