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Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva guides you on how to connect your mind, your body and your spiritual self and activate your self-healing journey

Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva guides you on how to connect your mind, your body and your spiritual self and activate your self-healing journey.

Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva: the ultimate power is actually from within. 

Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva presents the methods to connect with your body and your soul for the turbocharged power of power. A strong mind will be weakened if it belongs to an unhealthy body. The counterpart meaning is right, no matter how strong your body is, if it has the bad influence from negative thoughts, your body will be devastated. The correlation between your mind and your body is pointed out along with the best practices shared by Laura Silva in this course. Human beings have the power of self-healing that has been overlooked due to the rise of medicines and the advancement of clinical innovation. 

The development of modern medicine is great, however, it also makes people have the misconception that the external factors are the ultimate, and stop believing in their internal power. The limitless source of power and energy is actually from within. The step-by-step guidelines are shared along with the demonstrations and illustrations of case studies and examples. Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva sets your body and mind free from negative thoughts and gets over from injuries, emotional pain, and so on. 

Unfold what is inside the Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva: 

  • Part 1 – An Introduction to Silva Mind Body Healing: helps you get an overview of this method, the advantages it provides you with and the essential steps for your preparation.
  • The Silva Mind Body Healing Cheat Sheet. 
  • Healing, The Silva Way. 
  • The Power of Prevention. 
  • Part 2 – Building Your Foundation for Healing: the starting points need the fundamentals and the strong foundation, which includes techniques and mediation therapy and image therapy at the Alpha and Theta levels. 
  • The Holo View Technique. 
  • Modern medicine and mind body healing. 
  • And so much more!
  • Part 3 – Liberation from Stress: how to get away from the bad influence on your body by the great strain due to modernity and workloads, etc. 
  • The three fingers technique. 
  • How to become impenetrable. 
  • Part 4 – Healing your belief system: you will learn how to shift your mind and belief into the power of your body and your mind, and the correlation between them as well as the turbocharged power for self-healing.
  • The changing limiting beliefs’ exercise. 
  • Getting the very best from life. 
  • Part 5 – Embracing your emotions: the acceptance of all your emotions is the signal of self-acceptance and compassion which activates the higher levels of positive energy for your body. 
  • More than mind, body and spirit. 
  • The healing past traumas exercise. 
  • Part 6 – Understanding the Holistic Healing Process: shares with you the multifaceted aspects of mind-body healing, and the methods to create the harmony for the ultimate power. 
  • The Dynamic Laws of Living. 
  • Part 7 – Connecting to Your Spiritual Body: more than the power to stay grounded with the connection between body and mind, you will learn to connect with your spirit. There are many aspects addressed in this part about such an invisible and intangible element. 
  • The intuitive healing method. 
  • The theta twilight theater exercise. 
  • Part 8 – Accessing your mental body: everything is one unit, which means everything will have a strong influence on everything. Your thoughts, actions and beliefs will have mutual interaction and influence for the turbocharged power. 
  • The intuitive healing method. 
  • A guided imagery training session. 
  • Part 9 – The Art of Manifesting: highlights you will gain in this part are about manifestation and how to turn your dreams into reality. 
  • Has your mind been pre-programmed for ill health?
  • The mental body exercise. 
  • Part 10 – Strengthening your physical body: the variety of crucial pointers for exercise, nutrition,  insights into the signals of your body, the development of self-discipline, and so on. 
  • The 2 scenes technique for energizing water. 
  • Part 11 – Healing yourself on a cellular level: the acceleration of the process of healing on a cellular level is shared. 
  • The cellular influence technique. 
  • Getting help from above. 

About Laura Silva

Laura Silva

Laura Silva is a well-known coach and expert about how to gain back the balance between your mind, your body and your spirit through the techniques and strategies of mental practices in the Theta level. Her courses and guidance are demystified so that many people love to take part in her classes. The step-by-step guidelines are openly shared in the courses of Laura Silva, which can help you lead the abundant life and achieve the fulfillment that you have been desiring. 

For further information about Silva Mind Body Healing by Laura Silva, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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