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The course Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way from Sheridan Options Mentoring shows you how Dan Sheridan uses this strategy to generate consistent income. 

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For many years Dan Sheridan has been teaching risk management methods, which he learnt at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in Pits. Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way is a 3-week online program featuring a short strangle strategy where Dan discusses his way of producing monthly income with short strangles. Like all Sheridan Options Mentoring courses, live trades in all classes show this strategy and offer you with significant practical experience.

You are required to acquire the inventory at strike price A via a short strangle and have to sell the stock at strike price B if the options are awarded. You anticipate that the stock price will remain between strike A and strike B and the options you sell will expire without any value. By selling two choices, you raise your revenue considerably by selling a post or a call alone. But that’s at a price. You have an unlimited upside risk and a significant downside risk. You may want to consider utilizing an iron condor instead in order to minimize exposure to such risks. Like a short straddle, sophisticated traders might take use of this approach to reduce implied volatility. If the implicit volatility is excessively high for no obvious cause, the call and the call might be overestimated. After the sell, the aim is to wait until volatility drops and the trade is closed to profit. The course Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way will equip you with the strategy and knowledge to immerse in this market and generate astonishing income as Dan and other experts did. 

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Dan Sheridan Calendar Trading in 2018

Sheridan Options Mentoring is a pioneer in personal choices training and mentoring. Thousands of children have been taught to trade with confidence and competence over the previous decade. Sheridan Mentoring was founded and is led by Dan Sheridan. He has over 30 years of trading experience and is a global trader.

Dan is a seasoned market maker at CBOE who formerly worked at Jon and Pete Najarian’s highly successful Mercury Trading business. Dan mentored numerous traders throughout his tenure at Mercury, including Pete Najarian, one of CNBC’s current anchors. Dan left the pits in 2004 to start Sheridan Options Mentoring. It presently teaches the strategies and processes used by individual traders in the continuous option markets. Dan also teaches professional and retail traders about a variety of additional channels: Dan is a well-known member of the TDAmeritrade Network. He was featured on and frequently conducts educational webinars for InteractiveBrokers and a variety of other brokerage firms.

Dan and his mentors have trained a large number of students over the last 15 years, many of whom have developed into skilled artisans and dependable option traders. Rather than having you manage your own business, Dan and his colleagues operate actual businesses alongside you during mentorship sessions and community events to provide you with practice and expertise. With Sheridan Options’ 1-on-1 mentoring and weekly trading sessions, you will become consistent and profitable in your options trading.

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