6-Week Training – Seller Lead Hacks


6-Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks provides the best practices of prospecting and lead generation for top-out profitability and lower risk-taking. 

6-Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks 

6-Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks reveals the best practices of how to prospect and generate leads into customers in the real estate investing field. There are many aspects addressed in the course, along with the illustrated case studies and examples. 

What Can You Expect When Taking The 6 Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks?

  • Week 1: Dialing In Your Website For Maximum Conversion

It will teach you everything there is to know about the proper setup of your website so that it can be optimized for conversions. You will also learn some hacks and tricks that have been proven time after again as effective ways in which businesses succeed. 

  • Week 2: Dominating Your Local Market Online

It is a well known fact that the majority of sellers in any given market are not motivated and will only seek to sell their home if they have no other options. Fortunately, with Danny’s top secret marketing system for dominating your local real estate scene online – you’ll get more than 90%. 

  • Week 3: Free Traffic

Stop wasting time and money on get-rich quick schemes that don’t work. The Free hacks below will help you motivate your seller clients, increase their trust in you as a real buyer’s agent, which automatically translates into more sales for both parties involved!

6 Week Training
6 Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks
  • Week 4: Pay Per Click

One of the most effective ways to get more leads is by leveraging your paid traffic. This means that you should focus on getting people who are interested in what they see and read, but not necessarily buying anything yet-to do this successfully though it can take time for these visitors/leads to convert into customers. 

  • Week 5: Retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy that can be used to increase your website’s conversion rates. When visitors land on other popular sites, you should retarget them with an advertisement for the product they were thinking about buying from us. 

  • Week 6: Long-Term SEO

Are you tired of ranking at the bottom for your industry? Do not let that happen again! You must learn how to rank in Google’s search results and create a website with an optimized page layout. A large number of companies have already been impacted by this new algorithm update, so don’t allow yourself to be left behind if you want people to scroll through pages looking up information. 

About The Author Of 6-Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks 

Danny is the man behind the success of the Lead Propeller and the “Flipping Junkie Podcast”, and is hand-selecting just 25 investors to take part in the training group before this course. He wants real estate investors with years of experiences. The purpose of this beta group is to generate results. Danny is looking for people to commit and follow the instructions in this training so that they can be successful.

Seller Lead Hacks
Danny Johnson – The Author Of 6-Week Training Of Seller Lead Hacks

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Seller Lead Hacks – 6 Week Training Generate Motivated Seller Leads

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