Self-Made Together – Kayla M. Butler


Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler teaches you the best practices and common mistakes to develop and maintain the sustainable growth of your business.

Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler walks you through the step-by-step guidelines on the entire process so that you can develop your online business to earn the top-out profits. Besides, the knowledge about how you can manage your business to get through the tough time in the business market is shown. 

What can you expect when taking Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler?

  • The development of your own personal and focused vision and mission of your business for the specific strategies and techniques. 
  • Access to the proven templates, profitable marketing plans and strategic guidance for your business. 
  • How to leverage social media platforms for the approach to your ideal target audience and clients. 
  • How to organize your business and concentrate on the right tracks towards the ultimate success of your business. 
  • Deep dives into the tools that automate the system and process for the growth of your productivity in the business development and management. 
  • The top-kept secrets of how to build profitable joint venture partnerships, affiliate programs, etc. are revealed. 
  • Access to the common mistakes, in terms of content creation, how to price products, monitoring your business performance through metrics and analysis, as well as the techniques of search engine optimization. 
  • How to become an expert in your field and earn a consistent monthly income. 
  • The development of marketing strategies is shown with a wide range of channels, besides your website, using videos, audio, other blogs and media outlets, and so on. 


There are three phases mentioned in Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler, including:

Phase 1 – Growing: 

The topics covered in this phase are goal-making tips, the development of patterns for content creation, how to set up your plans and put them into action, brand development, and so on. 

  • The creation of your business plan.
  • Branding your website and business. 
  • The development of content strategies
  • Tracking your progress through google analytics. 
  • The development of your unique target market. 


Phase 2 – Blossoming: 

  • The development of a strong social media presence. 
  • The growth of your email list with freebies and incentives.
  • The establishment of an affiliate marketing plan for passive income.
  • The production of eBooks and infoproducts. 
  • The purchase of your products using sales pages. 
  • Pricing your products. 
  • The automation of your business process. 


Phase 3 – Branching Out: 

  • The creation of online courses and high ticket products. 
  • The development of a freelance or coaching service. 
  • The best practices of how to set up a plan for joint venture projects and an army of affiliates. 
  • How to keep your customer service program at high quality. 
  • How to leverage the media, video, and podcasts, etc. 


The bonuses you will gain access to when taking Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler include:

  • Bonus 1: Dynamic Facebook
  • Bonus 2: Blog Business Planners
  • Bonus 3: Over 15 Content and Blog Posts “Fill in the Blank” Templates 
  • Bonus 4: Affiliate Tracking System

About Kayla M. Butler

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Kayla M. Butler is the body and soul of, where you can gain access to digital tools and sources that Kayla and her team works on to support small business owners to accelerate the growth of revenues. The tools and methods shared in the courses with Kayla M. Butler can help you and your business not only survive in such a highly competitive market as online business, but also get the phenomenal growth of profits. The optimization techniques and strategies are shared to help you increase traffic, leads and customers, along with the detailed instructions. Kayla M. Butler has had a wide range of knowledge and experiences of building up successful business models in many fields. Her working background explains why. She has been working on many projects in many areas, such as Historic Preservation, Commercial and Residential Construction, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Digital Publishing, Marketing, Digital and Commercial Product Photography, and so on

For further information about Self-Made Together by Kayla M. Butler, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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