Ecom Alphas – Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu

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Providing the fundamentals and practices to boost eCommerce performances, Ecom Alphas by Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu shares the detailed how-tos.

Ecom Alphas By Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Ecom Alphas, a team that is made up of 2 separate alphas in this industry, Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu. Together they will teach you what each individual person knows and more importantly experience with drop shipping so it can be obliterated by competitors, changing lives forever. 

Ecom Alphas
Ecom Alphas

This course will show you how to drop-ship with ease and find immensely profitable products. You will learn all about advertising your store on social media, creating perfect advertisements for the internet age we live in today.

The Curriculum Of Ecom Alphas by Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu Includes:

  • Week 1:  Introduction – Meet your teachers! All Our Experience, Patience, and Hard Work At Your Disposal
  • Week 2:  Finding Golden Products With HUGE Scale Potential Before They Even Trend
  • Week 3: Ads! You Will Be A Pro After This
  • Week 4: Creating A Perfect Store Leaving The Fluff Behind + Focusing On What Sells
  • Week 5: Your Complete Guide To Instagram – The Unfair Advantages To Instagram Marketing
  • Week 6: Understanding Facebook Before Using Its Platform
  • Week 7: The In Depth Anatomy Of Facebook Testing – Spider Web Strategy
  • Week 8: A Hand Held Walkthrough Of Our Previous Personal Stores/Why They Converted
  • Week 9: Automation, Branding, And Team building
  • Week 10: Documents, Tricks, Done For You PDF, and Anything Else You May Need To Succeed

What Is eCommerce?

In a world where people can buy anything from anywhere at any time, how do you make sure that your products are always in stock? The answer is simple: E-commerce. 

Electronic commerce works round the clock with technologies like mobile app stores and online payment processing systems which supply chain management programs to keep track of inventory levels across distributors as well as ensuring quick delivery times. 

Thus, customers get what they need when spelled out beautifully on social media pages instead just “in case” there might be an issue. 

With drop shipping, the company doesn’t have a physical inventory of products so they can offer whatever is latest and best from their suppliers. This means you always know what is in stock because it will be shipped straight to your customer on request with free delivery within operation areas!

About Matthew Bolis 

Matthew Bolis is an Instagram influencer marketing wiz kid who’s made it his life’s work to help other kids get famous on social media. He started at 14 years old with millions of followers and now has six different accounts combined! Not only did he buy the dream car in high school, but before 18 years old Matthew also bought his first house. 

Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu
Matthew Bolis and Sebastian Ghiorghiu

About Sebastian Ghiorghiu 

Sebastian Ghiorghiu, a giant YouTube Shopify influencer sometimes called “The King of Drop Shipping” was working on the assembly line at Taco Bell making 48 dollars per day shortly before enrolling in college and dropping out 30 days before his first class. After that, he is able to make more than 5,000 in sales with many stores. 

For further information about Ecom Alphas by Matt Faber, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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