Marketing Mastery X – Sean Terry


Marketing Mastery X by Sean Terry shares with you the road map to achieving the ultimate effectiveness of marketing campaigns for higher profitability.

Marketing Mastery X By Sean Terry

Marketing Mastery X by Sean Terry decodes many hidden principles behind successful marketing strategies and techniques for the development of high earnings. The step-by-step guidelines on practical frameworks are shown along with the illustrations of case studies and examples, which makes you better apply what you have learned to the real business of your real estate business. 

The Curriculum Of The Marketing Mastery X By Sean Terry Includes:

Week 1

  • Module 1: Marketing Mastery X Introductions and Expectations
  • Module 2: The Science of Direct Mail
  • Module 3: Distressed Lists vs Non-Distressed Lists
  • Module 4: Inheritance List – Where to Get it and What to Mail Them
  • Module 5: Property Tax Default – Why I love this List and Where to Get it
  • Module 6: Vacant Properties – The List, Locating the Seller and a Ninja Way to Build Buyers
  • Module 7: Pre-Foreclosure – The Freshest List and How How to Make the Offer
  • Module 8: The Perfect Property Avatar – 80/20 Rule on Your Deals to Find Your PPA
  • Module 9: Absentee Owners – The Best List and Strategy
  • Module 10: The Owner Occupant Neighborhood Property Stacking System
  • Module 11: The No Data off The Radar Hidden List

Week 2

  • Module 1: Online Marketing Mastery
  • Module 2: Google Adwords PPC Ads for 24/7 Lead Generation
  • Module 3: Bing & Yahoo PPC Ads for Total Market Domination
  • Module 4: Youtube Videos for Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Module 5: The Facebook Seller Suck: Suck Leads out of Facebook
Marketing Mastery X
Marketing Mastery X

Week 3

  • Module 1: Bandit Sign Billions using this Killer New App
  • Module 2: Local Newspaper Old Fashion Lead Drop
  • Module 3: Yellow Pages – Yes, We Get Deals from The Yellow Pages
  • Module 4: RVM Lead Machine – Pull High Quality Leads for Less than .10 Cents a Piece
  • Module 5: TV Ad Super Blitz – How to Be Seen Everywhere!

Week 4

  • Module 1: Cold Calling the Legal Way – Generate $10 leads Module 2: Realtors Referral Formula for FREE Deals Consistently!
  • Module 3: Follow Up Fortunes Overview
  • Module 4: Voice Broadcast – SMS Text – Email Domination
  • Module 5: Meetup Millions – Flow to Be The Authority in Your Market

About Sean Terry

Sean Terry is a real estate powerhouse, who has made his clients happier than ever with the help he provides. With over $120 million in transactions under his belt and hundreds executed for them – not even including raw land developments, there’s no doubt that this mortgage broker can get you what your heart desires!

Sean Terry - Library of Trader
Sean Terry

Sean Terry has helped countless numbers of people find their perfect investment property. If you’re looking into entering this field or just want some tips on how it can best benefit your business, he might be able to change someone else’s life by helping them discover what they were missing all along – an opportunity that will make them rich in no time at all.

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