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Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0 by Sean Terry guides you on the entire process that could help you earn higher as a real estate agent, with the best practices.

Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0 By Sean Terry

Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0 by Sean Terry shares the best practices and tips extracted from his realistic experiences of being a real estate agent. 

What Can You Expect From Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0 by Sean Terry?

  • Module 1

You’ve got a real estate investor’s jonesing for some property. You want to learn how the game is played, and you’re ready to get started? The Big Picture describes what wholesaling really means in detail while also providing visual examples that illustrate each point. 

It will take care of all your questions about why this strategy works so well, where sellers put their money when they sell homes or whether it might work better elsewhere!

  • Module 2

So you’re looking to buy a house? You have so many options, but where do you start?! Luckily, there is an easy way: Sourcing Properties by finding deep discount properties that will make you the most money. 

Direct Mail Explained goes over how to get great postcards and yellow letters which convert homeowners into loyal buyers in seconds flat.

List Selection Process teaches everything about pulling profitable lists from direct mail campaigns and GoBig Printing for the best practices of emails.

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount of calls and emails? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, this guide will show how to set up an effective system for managing them! In addition to organizing your workspace (and answering efficiently), the secret tool that helps you keep track so much faster than before is shared in this module. 

  • Module 3

Sean has spent over $300,000 perfecting his campaigns to get the best conversions!! He knows that in order for a campaign or strategy to be successful it is imperative you have quality keywords and content. 

Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0
Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0

Sean also includes advanced ad scheduling features so your ads can show at just about any time during primetime TV when people are watching their favorite shows! If you’re ready to start generating quality leads on auto-pilot then sign up today with Google Adwords, the guidelines are waiting for your actions. 

  • Module 4 

Bandit signs can be a great way to get leads quickly and easily. They will catch the eye of anyone who’s driving or walking by, which means you don’t have to spend too much money on them! 

You might think that placing these strategically around your property would work best but there are other factors as well- location being one important factor in particular. Make sure it has high traffic areas so more people see what they’re advertising through their bandit sign. 

  • Module 5 

The power of the mind has been harnessed to help you find motivated sellers and make deals happen. This guide is chock-full with helpful techniques that will put money in your bank account, fast! 

Learn how to build rapport quickly so they’re comfortable sharing their property info without feeling guarded. You’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Get ready for those obstacles though.

  • Module 6 

The comparable sales formula helps you find the right number to offer on a property and price it so that it will sell in record time. This method can be used with any type of business, whether residential or commercial real estate (or even boats!). You should also use this “double check” when buying properties to avoid making mistakes – remember the repair formula!

About Sean Terry

Sean Terry was a US Marine who led his platoon in battle during Desert Storm, and he received multiple awards for outstanding leadership skills. He went on to travel around 30 countries before coming back home as an Honorable discharge from the Corps with $5 million dollars worth of sales under his belt! He is now the founder of Flip2Freedom. 

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Sean Terry

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