Sellingwithsean – Sean Matheis – Mortgage Ads Pro 2.0 (Real Estate Ads Pro 2.0)


Sellingwithsean – Sean Matheis – Mortgage Ads Pro 2.0 (Real Estate Ads Pro 2.0)


Learn How to Use Our Proven System to Generate Better Mortgage / Re-Finance Leads For Under $3.00 Each, With Higher Conversion Rates Than Traditional Internet Leads!!!

In This Exclusive Training,

You’ll Learn:

  • Facebook Ads Manger & Power Editor- In dept training on how to utlize the Facebook ads manager & power editor platform to generate laser targeted leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional leads
  • Ad Objectives & Campaign Set Up- Understand each ad objective and when to use each objective to maximize your campaigns effectiveness.
  • Social Intelligence & Edge Rank – Build the foundation for ads success by understanding the basic of social media.
  • Creating The Perfect Customer – Use audience insights tools to break down your target market & learn copy writing secrets that convert traiffc like never before. Use over 351 different filters to laser target your perfect customer.
  • 4-P Ad Process – The simple process to put out effective video marketing that will ensure the perfect ad copy every time.
  • R3 Video Formula – The formula for successful videos that resonate with your audience and designe to generate higher engagement on your ads
  • Targeting Traffic & Performance Measures – Understanding the performance measures  and analytic benchmarks for successful ad campaigns. Use our proven ad projection formula to forecast the performace of every campaign with pin point accuracy. This stragegy is what our client use to generate as much as 900% ROI on every ad campaign you run.
  • Power Editor – Our powerful dark posting strategies to run multiple funnels at once. Make sure that you stay a step ahead of your competition by understaning the multiple facets of the power editor platform.
  • Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages – Using advanced squeeze page strategies and landing pages to incorpate custom pixels, run re-targeting ad campaings, build custom audiences, and create custom lnding pages for you and your real estate agent partners.
  • Email Strategies / Automated Follow Ups – Building massively effective drip campaigns
  • BONUS- 12 PROVEN ad copy templates proven to produce dozens of leads daily, Custom landing page templates that generate new purchase leads, and OVER 4 HOURS of bonus content including celebrity mastermind webinars, instagram ads,…






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