Government Funding Solutions Basic – Sean Carpenter


Taking your real estate investing to the next level, Government Funding Solutions Basic by Sean Carpenter sheds light on powerful methods and strategies.

Government Funding Solutions Basic By Sean Carpenter

Government Funding Solutions Basic by Sean Carpenter shares with you the best practices to break down some common issues in real estate investing. The detailed guidelines are combined with realistic case studies and experiences as well as personal coaching. 

The Curriculum Of The Government Funding Solutions Basic by Sean Carpenter:

  • Emergency Deal Consultation Certificate

You can get an answer to any of your deal related questions. You will also be able help with the application or just make a consultation request that guarantees personal attention. 

  • Deal Evaluator Software
Curriculum Of The Government Funding Solutions Basic
Automate The Long Process software

With so many deals being offered to you, it can be difficult to choose which one will work best. But don’t worry! There is a list of helpful tips in order to make this process as easy and smooth tasting as the wine selection at dinner tonight – because who doesn’t love trying new things right?! With Automate The Long Process software now available plus monthly fees waived when purchasing our subscription service. 

  • 2 Month FREE GFS VIP Membership 

– Real Time Government Program Updates

– Ongoing Weekly Education to Stay Up to Date

– Real Life Case Studies

– Live Q&A W/ Deal Analysis Personally with Sean Carpenter

  • One on One Consultation 

The difference between a good and great life starts with your personal situation. Each person has different needs, wants or desires so Sean will create an individual roadmap for you to reach success 10x faster, along with your effort!

About Sean Carpenter

Sean Carpenter retired from the industry last year. He’s seen it all and done it too, having been licensed since 1998 with his most recent position as Director of Agent Development for Ohio NRT Companies. He led a successful career in real estate there before becoming manager of CB King Thompson Hilliard office in 2003. 

A man whose knowledge is seemingly endless met us through many online courses! His insights into how we can improve our business, not just now but also long term, because retirement doesn’t mean an end to learning new things or helping others do well. 

Sean has been a certified facilitator for some of the most respected courses in coaching and selling. He is known as someone who creates high-quality content, which sets him apart from other business professionals around town!

Sean Carpenter
Sean Carpenter

Sean is a motivational speaker and the founder of multiple real estate businesses that focus on education, motivation and inspiration. He hopes to inspire others in his profession with words so they can reach their goals while also exceeding expectations by learning new skills from Sean’s experience as an agent himself who mastered every aspect of this industry.

Sean has been working hard for years now building up successful companies which have helped countless people achieve great heights within both business and life itself! With him at your side you will be able take off like never before – flying through projects without stopping or slowing down. 

For further information about Government Funding Solutions Basic by Sean Carpenter, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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