Scott Robert Limm – Real World Lighting Advanced Techniques


Scott Robert Limm – Real World Lighting Advanced Techniques


get a deeper understanding of light.

Impress your clients with gorgeously lit photos using lighting methods taught by Scott Robert Lim in Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques.

In this fast-moving class, Scott will teach you how to create dramatic new lighting looks, on a budget and on-location.

Youll learn about the physics behind light and exposure so you know exactly what it takes to get the lighting you are looking for. Scott will get you up-to-speed on the gear you need to get fantastic shots and hell show you high-end lighting effects you can create on a limited budget.

You’ll also get some solid marketing & business tips for attracting the clients you want. Scott will cover:

On-location composition
Long exposure magic
Colored lighting effects
Clamshell portrait glow and more.

Youll develop a deeper understanding of light and how to use gear and composition to maximum effect. Scott will also cover the business skills you need to thrive and create lasting success in a competitive industry.

Scott builds on his popular Crazy, Stupid Light class with this advanced lighting training Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques is guaranteed to inspire and take your location lighting skills to a whole new level.


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