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The course High Ticket Launchpad by Scott Oldford will teach you how to create, validate, amarekt, and sell a premium product or service in less than 90 days. 

Learn to sell premium products and service with High Ticket Launchpad by Scott Oldford

Even if you’re a gifted teacher, mentor, or healer, you may be missing out on opportunities because you’re focusing just on yourself. There is a gap between what you’re now delivering to your market and what you’re capable of doing and how much money you might be making in return for it. What would it be like to be able to serve customers to the fullest extent of your abilities, allowing you to produce the significant results and changes that your market so desperately desires? What would it be like to be highly rewarded and appropriately appreciated for your unique skill set? If done correctly, a high-ticket offer may help you achieve this goal, but only if it’s done correctly. If you want to economically expand your firm with your new high price item, you must accomplish a few critical things well. To learn how to accomplish this, you’ll need Scott Oldford’s course High Ticket Launchpad.

Overview of what you are going to learn inside the course High Ticket Launchpad of Scott Oldford

  • Creating a company strategy that will last
  • The four reasons why consumers purchase
  • Appropriately mapping your company model to your client journey
  • Creating a company model that generates significant outcomes
  • Understanding and servicing your clients at a deep level
  • Avatar vs. result
  • Developing a customer profile
  • Identifying your six-figure solution
  • Expansion and refinement of your six-figure solution
  • The process of creating your signature
  • Extraction of your confidential procedure
  • Creating a stage-by-stage breakdown of your method
  • Establishing deliverables and milestones
  • Enhancing and disseminating your framework
  • Developing your product MVP
  • How to create a velvet rope article that will grow your audience and increase sales for your program
  • Plus much more.

Get to know your instructor Scott Oldford

There are several frameworks for expanding online businesses created by Scott Oldford, a world-renowned business strategist and mentor. Over 10 million entrepreneurs across the globe have seen his work and credited him with helping them grow their companies over the seven-figure mark. A real mentor and counselor who has been there and done that, he has the uncommon ability to provide a rare behind the scenes look at all the pillars of business as an entrepreneur since he was a youngster.

High Ticket Launchpad - Scott Oldford
High Ticket Launchpad – Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford has been published in practically every newspaper and podcast, and his approaches and frameworks have been watched by millions, with hundreds of thousands viewing his business strategy videos, reading his emails, and being influenced by the 100+ Entrepreneurs that he has helped expand over seven figures. In spite of his advanced age, he still pursues the same burning desire he had at seven years old: to assist the world in rapidly ascending to the next level of human awareness by providing assistance to firms and entrepreneurs who are doing just that.

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