Sarah – Shecantrade – How to Trade Debit Spreads


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Sarah – Shecantrade – How to Trade Debit Spreads


How to Trade Debit Spreads

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Account Size: All

Length: 4 Hours

In this course Sarah will show you how to trade debit spreads. The course will start with the basics and move in to more advanced trading strategies. Debit spreads allow you to place directional long and short trades and reduce the cost of the trade compared to puts and calls.

During this 2 hour course and 2 hour live trading session Sarah will share:

  • What is a debit spread?
  • How to reduce your cost and risk when trading long puts and calls
  • How to trade expensive stocks like CMG, GOOGL with a smaller account
  • How debit spreads can reduce your risk and maximize your returns
  • Why the odds are stacked against you when you are trading long puts and calls, and how you can improve those odds with debit spreads
  • Demystifying one of the lesser known options strategies
  • Identifying the best stocks to use in a debit spread strategy
  • How to use the market’s money to subsidize your trades

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