Sarah – Shecantrade – How to Trade Credit Spreads


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Sarah – Shecantrade – How to Trade Credit Spreads


How to Trade Credit Spreads

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Account Size: All

Length: 4 Hours

Credit spreads are a tool that you need to include in your trading plan. Credit spreads are a go to strategy that puts the probability of success in the traders favor. There are rules you need to know to successfully trade credit spreads. In this course Sarah will share her strategies for trading credit spreads. You will learn how to enter, manage and exit each trade set up in order to maximize return and improve your probability of success. Sign up for this course and learn how to add this strategy to your trading plan.

During this 2 hour course and 2 hour trading session Sarah will share:

  • Credit spread strategies “at the money” and “out of the money”
  • Combining charts and probabilities
  • Sorting stocks and picking the best candidates for credit spreads
  • How to use the Greeks to select trades
  • Entries, exits and trade management
  • Best time of the week to sell credit spreads





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