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The training program Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker by Salvatore M. Buscemi will teach you effective strategies to get more deals for your business. 

Introducing the course Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker by Salvatore M. Buscemi

Commercial real estate loans are very distinct from residential mortgages. Indeed, the distinctions are colossal. To begin, the average commercial real estate loan is $5,000,000. This exposes lenders to significant risk in the event of a loan default. As a result, bankers pay great attention to the enterprises to whom they have extended credit. They maintain constant touch to ensure that the firm generates enough income to repay the loan. Bankers and other lenders are always concerned about recouping their losses. This is really negative news for commercial real estate owners now on the market. However, this is excellent news for you since Salvatore M. Buscemi’s Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker course will educate you how to assist them.

The step by step system that can change your life – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

This is the same curriculum that has enabled thousands of students to start with nothing and establish seven-figure portfolios by thinking like a bank. Not as a borrower, but by using the methods, techniques, and insider knowledge acquired on Wall Street. This Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker course includes the following:

  • The critical distinction between offline and online credibility.
  • How critical it is to develop a reputable brand for yourself in your day-to-day networking.
  • The Five Data Points that any business contract must have. There is no longer a need to wade through a 20MB Investment Memorandum.
  • Get the same scripts our office utilizes on a regular basis so you’ll know precisely what to say to industry veterans.
  • These scripts will earn you respect in this multibillion-dollar market.
  • How to deal with objections in order to convert any circumstance in your day-to-day networking in your advantage.
  • How to use interns to improve your business’s operations and get more sales into the pipeline faster.
  • Transactional financing in-depth: excellent deals vs. poor ones.
  • What happens after your transaction has been pre-qualified?
  • How to overcome the most typical roadblocks encountered by most investors while concluding the agreement.
  • Take advantage of the legal financing mechanisms that Wall Street uses to protect itself from danger.
  • How critical it is to develop a reputable brand for yourself in your day-to-day networking.
  • Take a look at instances of poor deal filings to ensure you never make the same errors.
  • How to continually advertise for new business and guarantee that your pipeline is always full and flowing.
  • Wall Street’s tightly guarded deal structuring techniques are explained in simple English.
  • How to get into transactions that you could never conduct on your own.

What you should know about your instructor Salvatore M. Buscemi

For nearly two decades, Salvatore M. Buscemi, CEO and co-founder of Dandrew Partners, a private family investment firm, has built and managed many cross-asset portfolios. Dandrew Partners Encore Ventures, the Dandrew Partners Fine Art Enhanced Income Credit Fund, and other commercial real estate and special circumstance direct investments are included in this portfolio.

Salvatore M. Buscemi
Salvatore M. Buscemi

As a regular speaker and guest lecturer on real estate finance at professional symposia and in publications such as Investor’s Business Daily and Forbes, Salvatore M. Buscemi has been on programs like CBS New York and Good Morning LaLa Land to discuss the issue of real estate and private equity financing.

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