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The training program Funnel Closer by Ryan Stewman will walk you through step by step to earn massive money using the tried and true sales strategies. 

What await you to learn from the course Funnel Closer by Ryan Stewman

An evolution in sales is on the horizon, and the fact that you’re reading this puts you in a select group of individuals who are aware of something that will almost certainly be the future of sales. Funnel Closer is a company committed to assisting sales professionals in maximizing their time and increasing their earnings.

Technology is attempting to eliminate the need for salesmen. Salespeople are rapidly vanishing from the future, thanks to businesses such as Carvana, Rocket Mortgage, and even the Kiosks at the mall. Sales funnels are taking the role of traditional salespeople. While this is terrible news for the majority of people, it presents a chance for you to succeed. If sales funnels are taking the position of traditional salespeople, you must be selling sales funnels yourself. Don’t resist the future; instead, make money off of it.

Funnel Closer - Ryan Stewman
Funnel Closer – Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman will teach you how to generate additional money with a side-hustle, and you won’t have to complete any paperwork, learn any technology, graphic design, or anything else like that along the way. This is without a doubt the finest thing that has happened to salesmen since the premiere of the movie Tommy Boy.

The course curriculum of the Funnel Closer training program by Ryan Stewman is described as follows:

  • Funnel Closer Module 1
      • Whats a funnel
      • Origin of the funnel
      • The 4 step funnel
      • How to map out a funnel
      • Benefits of the funnel
      • Funnel examples
  • Funnel Closer Module 2
      • How to find funnel makers
      • Skills needed
      • Where they hang out
      • How to speak to them
      • The irresistible offer
      • The follow up
      • How to close them
      • The contract
  • Funnel Closer Module 3
      • How to sell funnels
      • Who needs it
      • Why they need it
      • Pain points
      • Objection list
      • Catch
      • Follow up
      • Opening scripts (broken website trick)
  • Funnel Closer Module 4
    • How to find prospects for funnels
    • Facebook prospecting
    • Linkedin prospecting
    • Local marketing
    • Networking
    • Cold calling (DMs)

Further information about your coach Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman is a best-selling author, CEO of five businesses, the creator of, a full-time investor, and a consultant to billionaires and celebrities all over the world, amongst other things. Every major business journal has highlighted him at some point or another. He’s been published in Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur to name a few.

Ryan Stewman
Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman attributes his success in business to his ability to close sales. He’s never worked a job that paid a salary in his life. Since he was 13, he’s been in commission-based sales. He’s made more than a billion dollars in sales. It is his belief that anybody can be a successful salesperson if they have the proper product to sell and the right people with whom to pitch it.

He’s mastered the mentality necessary to prevail in the face of any opposition. Changing minds and lives is what Ryan does. Alter his life if you let him; you may as well let him change yours too.

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