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The course Round Forex Trader: 1 Hour Time Frame by James Orr will teach you step by step on how to set up everything real time charts in your trading. 

Take your trading to pro level with the course Round Forex Trader: 1 Hour Time Frame from James Orr

James Orr will teach you his tried-and-true method for trading currency pairs on the one-hour time frame in this Round Forex Trader: 1 Hour Time Frame course. There are several advantages to this course for novice traders, including the fact that it provides extensive instructions on how to set things up, making it much simpler for those who are new to trading. This course has more than enough material to get you started on the charts and to help you stick to the specific trading strategies.

Beginners and advanced traders alike can benefit from James Orr’s Forex Round Trader: 1 Hour Time Frame training. Step-by-step instructions for setting up Pro Real Time charts are included. The course teaches you how to use Forex pairs’ reversal levels to your advantage. Support and resistance levels aren’t the only thing to consider here. Candlestick Setups, Topping, and Money Management will also be covered, as well as the most effective ways to maximize your gains. A section on trading psychology and how to control your emotions is also included, along with many other valuable resources.


Figure out the course curriculum of course curriculum of the Round Forex Trader: 1 Hour Time Frame by James Orr

    • Before You Begin: Broker and Software, Risk in Trading , Read This If You Are Completely New To Trading
    • Expectations: Millions In Months, Managing Your Results
    • The Only Candlestick Setups You Will Need: Candlestick Setups, Entry After Signal
    • Stops: Setting Your Stop, Standard Stop Examples , Alternate Stop, Stop Protection
    • Creating Strong Trading Zones on the 1 Hour Time Frame: Building Zones, Added Confluence With Daily
    • Risk Management: Target
  • Moving Average
    • Odds and Ends: Video Info, Odds and Ends
    • Putting It All Together: Read This First, Using The Localised Stop, Putting It All Together 
    • Emotions and Trading: Interview With World Renowned Psychologist Owen Fitzpatrick, Learn to Control Emotions, Review Yourself, Not Your Results, Ways To Deal With Emotional Trading
  • What Next?
  • Feedback
  • You’re Done: Moving Forward


What you should know about your teacher James Orr

Round Forex Trader 1 Hour Time Frame James Orr

James Orr, the inventor of Decisive Trading, devised very successful, high-probability trading systems that he still uses today and that enable me to trade full time. At times he worked for 18 hours a day, sitting at his computer with a strong will and many cups of coffee in order to accomplish this. When he worked hard, he built a firm foundation from which he now stands. Decisive Trading was developed in order to help you avoid the pain he went through and that many new traders still face today. James Orr wants to offer you the greatest possible opportunity of being a successful, self-employed trader. All of the material provided in James Orr’s and Decisive Trading’s professional training courses is of the greatest quality and carefully tailored to give you an advantage in the markets. 

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