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The course Private Lending by Ron Legrand will teach you how to  borrow a fund for your real estate investment without limitations and huge extra charges. 

Why was the course Private Lending created?

Obtaining funds to conduct real estate transactions has nothing to do with visiting a bank, completing an application, making down payments, or waiting to be authorized. Intelligent investors will avoid banks that try to control their life and dictate what they can and cannot borrow. You may borrow as much money as you want from individuals, not institutions, and you can do so quickly and easily. There is no limit to the amount you can borrow. Private Lending by Ron Legrand was intended to assist you in locating all of the private lenders needed to finance your own projects.

Through the course Private Lending by Ron Legrand you will learn:

  • How to find just the most qualified prospects and pre-screen them with a single line. This does not include running advertisements or spending money in any other way.
  • How to establish the regulations, determine the amount you will pay lenders, and make them beg you to accept their money.
  • How to create an insurance policy that will pay off your creditors and leave your property free and clear to your family if you die.
  • How to get funds without making monthly payments in order to improve your cash flow.
  • How to get all the funds necessary to complete attractive housing transactions that demand money for down payments or to make up for missed payments, even when the loan-to-value ratio is high.
  • How to build an army of lenders that will gladly join with you on larger projects when they arise.
  • How to obtain large sums of money via private placements in order to acquire inexpensive foreclosures in large blocks or to establish a fund to lend to those who do.
  • How to obtain everyday calls from borrowers with no advertising charges.
  • How to minimize defaults and create a bundle in the event that they do occur.
  • How to convince your borrowers to perform all the work and pay all the charges, so you don’t have to spend a dollar on loan closing expenditures.
  • How to lawfully loan money to your IRA while protecting your privacy.
  • How to get a steady yearly return of 30% or more, securely and reliably.

Meet the author of Private Lending – Ron Legrand

Ron Legrand is the founder of the Global Publishing website, where he covers the whole process of purchasing two houses, including the financial data, so you can follow along. When it comes to learning how to benefit from real estate investments, Ron Legrand is the man to contact. He is a nationally renowned real estate expert and trainer with over 33 years of expertise.

Ron Legrand
Ron Legrand

Ron Legrand has spent the past 25 years assisting thousands of everyday people in reclaiming control of their futures and achieving genuine financial independence via the use of my real estate investing techniques for success. He offers financial advice that extends beyond the field of commercial and residential real estate brokerage. With over 2,500 houses purchased and sold and millions of dollars earned in commercial real estate transactions, Ron Legrand’s real estate investments and developments give more than a good wage; they provide a passive source of income worth millions.

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