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The Commercial Property Bootcamp by Ron Legrand will teach you everything you need to know to secure and protect the finance of your real estate business. 

What will you learn with the Commercial Property Bootcamp by Ron Legrand?

This course will teach you how to locate exceptional bargains and swiftly eliminate time wasters and prescreens each sort of trade so that you can explore how to analyze them, what will kill the deal, and which facts are necessary to continue ahead and why. The bootcamp also covers undeveloped ground suitable for residential and commercial development, as well as apartments, office buildings, strip malls, office warehouses, industrial buildings, mobile home parks, and special use structures. You also learn how and when to depart each kind of property, how this affects my purchase offer, and why certain transactions work better than others.

Commercial Property Bootcamp
Commercial Property Bootcamp

In addition, the Commercial Property Bootcamp will cover all methods of funding, including interim financing, hard money, seller financing, and bank financing. Financing is the difference between success and failure; without it, you’ll lose a lot, but with it, you’ll have the keys to the vault. You must understand how to arrange transactions in order for them to be funded, but this does not imply you will be sucking up to banks. You’ll discover terms like cap rate, debt-to-income ratio, and internal rate of return, among others.

Ron Legrand also discusses selling large properties, when it’s a good idea and when it’s not, as well as how to sell and to whom throughout the Commercial Property Bootcamp. You will know how to maintain properties without ever having to speak with a renter or getting bogged down in time-consuming duties. If you’re an American, you’ll discover how to conduct multimillion-dollar transactions within your IRA, which means you’ll never pay taxes on the gain. The course also teaches you how to build up your entities in such a way that they can do this with a few simple yet clever steps. Also covered in this course is 1031 exchanges for non-IRA transactions to retain more and pay less to the IRS.

Get to know your instructor Ron Legrand

Ron LeGrand joined the real estate market in 1982, revolutionizing the sector by developing risk-free techniques for buying and selling property. Ron and his firm, Global Publishing Inc., now coach people in the real estate sector across the globe. Along with his real estate endeavors, Ron is the owner and operator of two restaurants, two information marketing firms, three consulting firms, and a few more.

Ron Legrand
Ron Legrand

Ron LeGrand is a well-known real estate specialist who has a slew of products and appearances at various events. He has been involved in real estate for over two decades and has amassed a fortune via investments and product sales. He does the majority of his business in Florida, where he conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of financial themes.

Ron LeGrand has been promoting his books and workshops for decades. Over the years, he has pushed many versions of his course and now offers a Gold Club membership. His help, however, may be rather pricey – some of his courses cost $9,000, while his instruction typically costs roughly $600 plus $59 per month for the Ron Legrand Gold Club.

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