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The training program Personal Mastery Academy by Robin Sharma teaches you the greatest insights and tools of millionaires and other gurus in life performance. 

About the course Personal Mastery Academy by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma created the Personal Mastery Academy to provide you with the latest cutting-edge knowledge on managing your mentality, performing heroically, and living a life you cherish. Personal Mastery Academy will teach you how millionaires, CEOs, and renowned entrepreneurs have utilized the greatest insights and tools to exponentially build their wealth, multiply their performance, and live luxurious lives far beyond their wildest expectations.

What does the Personal Mastery Academy of Robin Sharma offer you?

  • Discover completely new models, x100 your self-confidence and fearlessness, and discover how the world’s most successful performers accomplish what they do.
  • World-class learning modules and really revolutionary technologies that can exponentially increase your productivity, wealth, and influence in life
  • Over 1000 unusual thoughts, daily routines, and proven tactics to help you lead your field/own your craft/increase your power, so you may not only live a rare-air existence but also affect the world.
  • The identical workbook from which the whole group of 31 countries worked contained never-before-released models.
  • And much more. 

Some of what you will learn with the Personal Mastery Academy

This training program will teach you a revolutionary science-based approach to creating a world-class lifestyle in which you can discover the cutting-edge research behind the most effective approaches for personal mastery. You also learn how to turn mistakes into fuel by developing the attitudes necessary for transforming your personal mistakes into gasoline that can dramatically accelerate your success. Robins Sharma then walks you through the eight a-player rituals and enables you to discover the everyday routines of the NBA, NFL, AND NHL’s best athletes and millionaire CEOs. You also figure out the 4 exceptionally valuable models for recording your thoughts, as well as the ultra-valuable frameworks for understanding how millionaires and titans think so you may jump from your current position to legendary status and achieve bold aspirations.

In addition, the Personal Mastery Academy covers the methods used by world-class producers to generate x100 results and shows you how world-class producers monopolize their sectors via their habits, rituals, and surroundings. You will learn the two sorts of power, and how to tap into your inner hero to produce epic work that makes history. Also included in this course are the techniques for creating a team of picassos and how to build a world-class team to support your famous purpose.

What you should know about Robin Sharma – A leader to leaders

Robin Sharma is an internationally renowned humanitarian who has devoted almost a quarter of a century of his life to supporting people in reaching their inherent potential.

Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma

He has been employed as a speaker or as an expert in leadership and personal mastery by a diverse variety of corporations and organizations. NASA, Microsoft, FedEx, HP, Starbucks, Oracle, Unilever, Yale University, PwC, and IBM Watson are among his clients, as is the Young Presidents’ Organization. Robin Sharma’s unique ability to electrify an audience while imparting astonishingly original and tactical concepts that result in individuals performing at their best, teams achieving extraordinary results, and companies becoming unstoppable is a strength he has as a presenter.

Robin Sharma’s best-selling books on leadership and peak performance have sold more than 20 million copies in more than 75 countries, putting him constantly at the top of global bestseller lists. Stephen King, for example, has sold millions of copies of his international bestsellers, including The 5AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and Who Will Cry When You Die?, in over ninety-two languages and dialects, establishing him as one of the world’s most widely read writers.

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