The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack – Robin Robins


The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack by Robin Robins will provide you with the instructions and DFY templates that can be applied for your IT services management. 

The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack by Robin Robins – The ultimate templates that can save your business

If you are supporting your customers’ networks, essential activities, and data without a signed MSP contract or are using the incorrect MSP contract, you are taking a significant risk. The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack contains recommendations and sample contracts for managed services. Additionally, you’ll learn how to utilize contracts to complete managed services sales more quickly, minimize uncertainty regarding deliverables, and win your customers’ respect.

The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack
The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack

The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack gives you access to exclusive training from Gregory Phillips, an attorney who specializes in practical legal guidance for small and medium-sized managed service providers. A frivolous lawsuit has the power to bring your firm to a grinding halt. However, tiny IT enterprises cannot afford to hire expert legal counsel to design their contracts or service agreements. These MSP contract templates and audio training will assist you in developing contracts that will enable you to close more managed services contracts more quickly and efficiently. 

What will be covered inside this training program?

  • Protect your information technology services organization against spurious (and perhaps damaging) litigation. When you get access to and support your customers’ data and activities, you inevitably assume obligation. These MSP contract templates safeguard you from claims alleging that you installed defective third-party hardware and software, as well as other possible litigation.
  • Instantly increase your customers’ trust, professionalism, and authority. Providing a thorough service contract demonstrates professionalism and provides peace of mind to prospective customers.
  • Close sales more quickly. With these proven templates, you can eliminate frequent sales bottlenecks and customers’ phobia of contracts.
  • Create a list of seven important legal phrases that you should be familiar with. Every CEO of an information technology services organization should be familiar with these seven legal words. You’ll get an understanding of the terminology that must be used in all client and vendor engagement contracts to prevent being burnt or humiliated.
  • Reduce the time between signing your agreement, delivering services, and paying for them. These MSP contract templates cover every stage of the sales cycle, allowing for quicker engagements and payment.
  • Contribute to the clarification of managed services deliverables in order to prevent misconceptions and dissatisfied customers.

Introducing your course instructor Robin Robins

Robin Robins is the most sought-after marketing consultant, sales trainer, and direct response marketing consultant in the IT industry. She specializes in developing strategic marketing, sales, and lead generation systems for MSPs, VARs, and IT service providers. Technology Marketing Toolkit, MSP Success Magazine and Big Red Media are all owned by Robin. She is the founder of all three. At this point in the past, her group has helped more than 10,000 IT business owners from all over the United States and 37 other countries with their businesses. For example, she runs the largest C-level peer group for MSPs in the IT services channel. Her annual event, the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp, draws more than 1,600 people and is sponsored by the top IT companies. 

Robin Robins
Robin Robins

At many industry events, Robin Robins has been named one of the best speakers. These events include the CompTIA Breakaway, the Channel Partners Conference and Expo, ASCII’s boot camps, DattoCon, and IT Nation, to name just a few. She has been written about in VAR Business,, Sales and Marketing Magazine, Selling Power, and SMB Partner Community Magazine, among other places. In her many years, Robin has learned about hundreds of marketing and sales tactics used by some of the world’s most successful, sales-driven businesses. This experience has given Robin a broad understanding of many of these tactics.

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