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The Managed Services Marketing Blueprint by Robin Robins will be providing you with a lucrative marketing strategy to promote your IT services and business. 

How to know if the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint by Robin Robins is right for you?

Do you want to increase the number of high-quality managed services customers but are unsure how to begin marketing? Have you attempted a variety of marketing strategies in an attempt to increase managed services clientele but have yet to discover one that performs consistently and cost-effectively? Are you having difficulty persuading potential customers of the benefits of managed IT services and their willingness to pay for high-quality IT services and support? Are you tired of competing on pricing and persuading potential customers that they need someone to manage their information technology systems, security, and backups – particularly at a time when cybercrime is at an all-time high?

If your answers are all yes, then this Managed Services Marketing Blueprint will fit you well.

Managed Services Marketing Blueprint
Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

The Managed Services Marketing Blueprint will teach you how to market managed services efficiently and cooperate with like-minded MSPs to boost your firm’s IT lead generation and sales. With the correct lead generation marketing, you may acquire a greater number of appreciating and lucrative customers who are willing to pay for your information technology services.

A brief description of what you will get with this blueprint

  • A tried-and-true approach for eliminating cold prospecting and generating a consistent stream of meetings with pre-qualified clients eager to acquire managed services from you.
  • Convert recalcitrant break-fix and block-hour customers to managed IT services with our done-for-you marketing campaigns. Additionally, you’ll choose if you should force all customers to use managed services or maintain certain break-fix clients and projects.
  • A very effective and comprehensive MSP Sales Playbook. Robin Ronins will demonstrate an effortless consultative sales method that will establish you as a recognized IT specialist and trusted counsel.
  • Dozens of marketing templates, samples, checklists, and material that have been field-tested and can save you hours of time when producing marketing campaigns.
  • A bonus interview with MSP attorney Bradley Gross on the cybersecurity, data breach, and privacy rules and regulations that all MSPs must be aware of and comply with.
  • Lessons learned from multimillion-dollar MSPs on how they achieved profitable expansion.

Meet the author of Managed Services Marketing Blueprint – Robin Robins

With more than a decade of experience as a marketing consultant, sales trainer and direct-response marketing consultant, Robin Robins is one of the most sought-after experts in the technology business. 

Technology Marketing Toolkit, MSP Success Magazine, and Big Red Media all have their roots in Robin’s entrepreneurial spirit. Since its inception, her company has worked with more than 10,000 IT business owners from all around the world. 

Robin Robins
Robin Robins

Currently, she manages the biggest MSP C-level peer network and her annual event, the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp, draws over 1,600 people each year and is sponsored by the IT industry’s major manufacturers. 

Many industry conferences, including CompTIA’s BreakAway, Channel Partners Conference and Expo, ASCII’s boot camps, DattoCon, and IT Nation, have rated Robin Robins as their top speaker. She has been featured in VAR Business,, Sales and Marketing Magazine, Selling Power, and the SMB Partner Community Magazine. Many of the world’s most successful and sales-driven firms have used Robin’s extensive expertise in marketing and sales.

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