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The Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint by Robin Robins will teach you the most effective marketing and sale-generating strategy that really works. 

Introducing the Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint 

When it comes to selling IT services, do you face pricing resistance, sales stalls, prospects who do not understand the value of what you offer, and the inability to complete transactions quickly? Are you looking for a non-manipulative method of persuading prospects to purchase that does not use sales gimmicks, groveling, discounting, or other humiliating tactics? Then this is the software for you. This complete, step-by-step sales procedure is unlike any other you’ve ever encountered, since it begins with your first positioning and employs a plain, direct, and non-manipulative approach to assisting customers.

What’s included inside the course Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint by Robin Robins

  • A fill-in-the-blank IT Services Sales Playbook that you may begin utilizing immediately upon your return home, with very little modifications.
  • A comprehensive sales presentation template, from start to end, that will help you to close the greatest amount of prospects possible without resorting to discounting, sales games, or extensive persuasion.
  • A structured approach for receiving incoming calls ensures that key opportunities are never missed.
  • How to entirely remove pricing objections while concluding a transaction.
  • A tried-and-true method of avoiding being assigned to a non-decision-maker throughout the sales process.
  • A checklist and samples of the materials you should give to each prospect prior to your first sales meeting to establish your credibility and trustworthiness as an expert.
  • My most effective strategy for eliciting specific instructions on how to close any prospect; and the only closing technique and script you’ll ever need.
  • How to unearth the truth about hidden worries and objections that might derail your sale in an elegant manner.
  • The key to rapidly increasing your revenue without raising your pricing or nickel-and-diming your clientele.
Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint
Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint
  • How to conduct an interview with prospective salespeople – including precise questions to ask and other interview stages – that will show whether or not they will perform well if hired.
  • How to reward salespeople effectively in order to maximize performance.
  • How to install an appointment-setting machine in your company so that you never run out of quality leads.
  • The proper approach to offer a proposal in order to avoid being ignored, price-shopped, or deceived.
  • How to supervise and monitor your sales team’s operations in order to prevent them from fooling you with excuses and half-truths.
  • How to use power tools to increase each rep’s productivity by at least double.

Get to know your speakers of Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint – Robin Robins, George Frempong, and John Christophersen

Robin Robins – Technology Marketing Toolkit

Without a question, Robin Robins has assisted more MSPs and IT services firms in doubling and even tripling – their sales, earnings, and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services sector. Robin has over 13 years of experience as a trusted adviser to over 7,000 IT services company owners. He understands what it takes to generate sales, recurring income streams, and a lucrative client base for an IT services firm.

Along with her hands-on expertise with IT company owners, Robin owns and operates a phenomenally successful and lucrative multi-million dollar services firm. Unlike many ivory tower consultants who fantasize about running a company, she has genuine experience marketing, packaging, and providing intangible services, dominating a niche, assembling a dream team of colleagues, and cultivating a raving-fan, loyal customer base.

George Frempong – The Herjavec Group, Senior VP of Sales

George Frempong is the co-founder and Senior Vice President of Sales of the Herjavec Group, a $150 million dollar information technology services corporation he co-founded with Shark Tank investor and star Robert Herjavec. From day one, his responsibility has been sales; in less than 12 years, he has expanded the firm to $150 million while overseeing a staff of 38 internal and outside sales representatives. George has vast expertise managing an IT services firm throughout its lifespan, from founding through recruiting and managing a complicated staff of sales experts.

George Frempong
George Frempong – The Herjavec Group, Senior VP of Sales

George will cover what he knows about recruiting, hiring, managing, and rewarding salespeople for an IT services organization throughout his talk.

John Christophersen – Taylor Business Group, President

John Taylor serves as President of Taylor Business Group, providing business and management consulting to leaders in the information technology sector in the areas of sales, service, and administrative administration. His primary objective is to help MSPs in enhancing their bottom line earnings and marketability.

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