Robert Plank – Speed Copy


Robert Plank – Speed Copy

“How Would You Like
My Instant Formula For Creating
High-Impact, Persuasive, Converting
Sales Letters in the Next Few Minutes?”
And The Best Part Is…
They’re 100% Guaranteed to Bring in Results!

From: Robert Plank
Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2019

RE: High Impact Copy That Takes Orders Every Single Day

Instead of taking weeks or months agonizing over your first (or next) sales letter, you can do it in as little as 59 minutes.
Do It Fast, Easy, and As Often As You Like…
“Assemble Your Sales Letter”
You’ll Do It Today, In Just a Few Short Minutes…

Every time I apply my simple 6-step process to create a compelling web page… it grabs attention, excites people, and gets them ready to buy any product or service… at any price point and in any niche.

This exact formula makes my house payment every month. It paid for my car in cash. Put me through 4 years of college and kept me out of debt. But what about you?

Imagine yourself affording a bigger house or apartment…
Imagine yourself going on a multi-city vacation to get away from it all…
Imagine yourself retiring early or quitting your day job…

Here’s why this formula is crucial to your online success…

Every day, hungry visitors find your web site from blog posts, articles, search engines, social media, and countless other channels…
But If Your Web Page Sucks,
They’re Gone Forever!
You Just Missed Out On The Biggest Chance
In Order to Get the Sale…
Attention: You need to re-think everything you “thought” you knew about copywriting, sales letters, and web page design. It’s all wrong. But the good news is, it’s easy if you do it the correct way.
Whether you have a service, CD, DVD, book, report, course, or other product to sell online, you’re probably selling it in the wrong way.
If that blog post you setup doesn’t grab your readers attention, then you have a problem.
If you spent thousands of dollars and months of your time creating a professional looking video that people simply don’t watch to the end, then you have a problem.
Even if you created a single web page where the only thing people could do, was read and buy, and they STILL aren’t clicking… then you have a problem!

Luckily, it’s not your fault!

You’ve just missed out on the proper training to get people as excited as you are about what you’re offering.
You Need a Sales Letter:
A Single Web Page “Brochure”
Getting Everyone Salivating at the Mouth
To Click Your “Buy Button!”
Even the smartest and most skilled marketers can’t sell without a sales letter.
Internet marketer Mike Enlow once placed a newspaper ad offering to sell real $100 bills for just $10.95 to cover overnight shipping. Killer offer, zero takers!
World famous author Stephen King once tried to sell a digital book, chapter by chapter (called “The Plant”) on the honor system — you like the chapter, you pay for it — the book is still not complete!
You too might have the same problem… no sales letter, no sales.
And yet, I’ve taken some of the most boring subjects imaginable: WordPress plugins, programming tutorials, even videos about outsourcing — and made them FRESH and EXCITING — always pumping out $3,000 within the first few days — because of sales letters.
You Too Can Claim (And Use)

This 6-Step Formula To..

Make a sales letter for your digital or physical product
Take your offline business online in record time

Improve an existing sales letter and triple your conversions
Write sales letters for clients and keep 100% of the profits

Make more sales and higher profits from better conversions

Enjoy more money from tiny, easy, and quick changes

I want to show you, right now, how to duplicate my success. Even if you’ve never heard of a sales letter. If you’ve never created a sales letter in your life.

EVEN if you’re an expert copywriter!

The “old” way of creating sales letters is slow and outdated.
I’ll Show You How To Do It FAST!
There’s Simply No Better Alternative…
Video Sales Letters?
Instead: Add Video to a Sales Letter

Long “Video Sales Letters”
Take Too Long To Produce!

Many “takes” required to get it right
Difficult to edit later
Practice required to look and sound professional
Higher bounce rate for longer videos
Written Sales Letters:
Easy to Improve!

They’re easy to write (with the right guide)
You can easily make small changes (course correct to perfection)
Your prospects can see EXACTLY what they’re getting

WordPress Sales Letters?
Instead: Create Your 1-Page Sales Letter First



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