Robert Koppel – The Mentally Though Online Trader

Robert Koppel – The Mentally Though Online Trader

Robert Koppel - The Mentally Though Online Trader


With the rapid development of technology, sophisticated analytic and execution software, high-speed, real-time data availability combined with the electronic connections between markets, the traditional stresses of traders are magnified a million-fold. Now more than ever, the mental tools long used by professional traders are critical to the success of those looking to join the growing ranks of electronic day traders.

For the first time, master trader and nationally renowned author Robert Koppel brings his proven psychological insights for traders to the expanding electronic day trading frontier. According to Koppel, there can be disastrous results for traders without appropriate grounding, preparation and attitudes related to risk-taking, discipline, confidence, certainty and opportunity.

Make no mistake: Optimizing the trader’s psychological preparation is the key to achieving bottom-line results. In no-nonsense terms, Koppel brings the proven trading strategies of nearly 30 years to a radically changing market. He shares these secrets:

* how to succeed in the new electronically connected trading markets * tactics for traders to filter out non-essential market data * strategies to overcome the challenges of screen-based trading * actions and attitudes that create positive results and optimize the game

Koppel also taps some of the most successful and “mentally tough” day traders to share their proven secrets and psychological strategies for winning in the brutal electronic day trading environment.

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