Robert Fisher – The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook

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Robert Fisher - The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook

Powerful new strategies and tools from the leading exponent of one of today’s most important trading tools With his bestselling Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders, Robert Fischer established himself as the leader in the Fibonacci approach to trading. This new workbook offers a powerful new arsenal of tools, using step-by-step exercises. Fischer carefully delineates techniques for combining his strategies into precise, reliable, well-disciplined trading tools that enable traders to take advantage of naturally occurring and recurring patterns.

From the Back Cover

The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook allows you to practice the innovative techniques and strategies associated with becoming a “new” Fibonacci trader–without suffering the real-world consequences of mistiming the markets and losing valuable capital. Robert Fischer familiarizes you with the ins and outs of utilizing new Fibonacci trading tools and brings you up-to-speed on how computer graphics and calculation technology have changed the way the “new” Fibonacci trader tackles the markets.

The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook offers a wealth of practical exercises that will help further your understanding, as well as test and apply what you’ve learned. This indispensable, hands-on companion to The New Fibonacci Trader reviews the most critical aspects of trading within the “new” Fibonacci framework, including:

  • Fibonacci Summation Series
  • Corrections and extensions
  • PHI-channels
  • PHI-ellipses
  • PHI-spirals
  • Fibonacci time goal analysis

Put your knowledge of The New Fibonacci Trader to the test first, then go into the markets and turn your dream of becoming a successful trader into a reality.

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About the Author

ROBERT FISCHER has designed commodity trading computer programs for banks and companies. Since 1990 he has managed commodity funds as a CTA with computer programs that generate trading signals based strictly on pattern recognition. He is President of Fischer Asset Management, Ltd., Bermuda. His first book, Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders, published by Wiley, is a classic on Elliott Wave Theory.

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