Robert E. Johnston – The Power of Strategy Innovation


Robert E. Johnston – The Power of Strategy Innovation

Strategic planning sounds business-as-usual dull, while innovation conjures up images of corporate vision and risk-taking.

The truth is, the two must be brought together for companies to excel in dynamic markets.

The Power of Strategy Innovation presents a five-step Discovery Process for staging, aligning, exploring, creating, and mapping the paths between analytical, numbers-oriented, day-to-day planning and market-centric, discovery-driven innovation that focuses on the future.

The book is based on the authors 32 years of experience consulting to major organizations, and is supplemented by informative interviews with corporate leaders in several industries.

Through methodology and examples, the authors reveal how to:

* Apply innovative thinking to the companys entire business model * Remain flexible, future-oriented, and responsive to market changes * Learn from what other companies have achieved with this proven process * Create a perpetual flow of viable new business opportunities by making strategy innovation a company-wide competency.




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