Rob Hoffman – More Simple Setups For All Markets


Rob Hoffman – More Simple Setups For All Markets

More Simple Setups For All Markets

This video course provides a very detailed explanation of two more of Rob’s favorite and frequently used setups. Get access to the setup parameters including :

Profit and Stop management

How Rob Not Only Uses These To Trade But Show So Well Where Not To!
Plus the actual custom stochastic indicator for most trading platforms!
Rob used the strategies of these setups to help make thousands of dollars between the international trading championships in Europe and Canada as well as other competitions.

With this course in your trading toolbox, you will discover:

BONUS Section: Rob shares the major factors that led to the biggest wins AND losses in his trading career and how he became the most awarded live, real-money trader in the world
1 Key Short Side Trade
1 Key Long Side Trade

The Specific Entries, Exits, Stops and Profit Management techniques

Find precise award-winning entries for your personal trading style and trading plan
Identify Where The Market Is Likely About To Reverse And To Stop Trading That Direction
Very important for both intraday and end of day entries
Full-time traders get a lot more trading opportunities
Even part-time swing and options traders can easily set up trades with this methodology
Ideas and strategies Rob doesn’t share with the public
Be ready for an incredible rest of 2017!
No proprietary indicators required (We’ll give you the indicator you need)*
So that you have an advantage over everyone else!
Indicator plugins include

Installation Video
Detailed Installation Guide
Done For You Installation
*Available Platforms for the Indicator Plugins include:

TradeStation 9.1
TradeStation 9.5
Ninja Trader 7
Ninja Trader 8
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
eSignal 10.6
eSignal 11
Sierra Charts (Infinity Charts)
eSignal 12
TOS (Think or Swim)
More Simple Setups For All Markets




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