Risto Siilasmaa – Transforming NOKIA


Risto Siilasmaa – Transforming NOKIA


The great Nokia turnarounduniversal business lessons for leaders in any industry

Nokia once dominated the smartphone industry. It was to mobile phones was Kleenex is to facial tissues. Then iPhones and Androids appeared out of nowhere and pushed Nokia off the cliff. In just four years, the company lost over 90 percent of its value. Revenues were in freefall massive layoffs became common. Pundits predicted that bankruptcy wasnt a matter of if, it was a matter of when.

Then something equally shocking occurred. In record time, Nokia bounced back. With a vengeance.

Nokia reinvented itself and is now the second-biggest player in the $100 billion-dollar global wireless market.

In Transforming Nokia, the man who orchestrated and led Nokias comebackChairman of the Board Risto Siilasmaareveals the story of Nokias fall and resurrection.

He reveals the inside story of the collapse and provides survival strategies and change-management methods any business leader can take to the bank. Youll learn how to harness the power of what Siilasmaa calls paranoid optimism and apply his winning entrepreneurial leadership model to rise above any challenge and drive sustainable success.




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