Ricxa Flow (Nov 2014)


Ricxa Flow (Nov 2014)

Ricxa Flow (Nov 2014)


Ricxa Flow

Ricxa is proud to present the software Ricxa Flow – Institutional Level Trade Flow And Order Flow Analysis Software.


Ricxa Cubes calculates both order flow and trade flow analysis.


We use a different algorithm’s including market depth calculations for

each instrument our software supports at this time.


For example, many traders would say that RICXA CUBES is a life

changing tool to have in their hands while trading the E-MINI S&P 500 futures.


The complex algorithm’s comes from our servers helping your computer stays

relief with no need to work hard on calculations that require supercomputers.

We normally use workstations with dual six core Xeon processors that are

3.46GHz, 12M L3, 6.4gts/turbo.


Our machines calculate on real time trades at BID, trades at ASK, trades below BID,

trades above ASK, INSIDE trades and 10 levels of market depth for each side.


The calculations are not sent to your computer at any given moment but only the result.


RICXA Trading Software Development LTD is a development and research company founded by traders for traders, focusing on Bid-Ask Analysis, Day-Trading Strategies, Back-Testing and Automated Trading.


Our brand’s institutional-level flagship product is RICXAFlow®, a top-of-the-line trade flow and order flow analysis platform.


Included in the RICXA brand are RICXA-Trader®, RICXA Market-Depth Analyzer® and RICXA Bid-Ask Back-Tester®.


The company was born out of a personal need for much better trading tools with which to trade in the capital markets (especially futures), and for the ability to produce profits each and every trade day.




Since we didn’t find one – we decided to build one.


We envisioned the fastest, most accurate, easiest to read, and most STABLE Bid-Ask analysis platform in the world.


We invested our time and funds to build RICXA with this vision in mind, and after 18 strict months we had a skeleton prototype ready.


Once this was achieved, the next step was: To teach it!

We managed to transform years of proven personal trading knowledge and experience into Artificial Intelligence.


But that wasn’t enough. We wanted our Bid-Ask analysis software to work like our minds do.

We wanted it to know what we know, react as we do – only better and faster, translating every algorithm into visible signs and signals located on the chart itself – in real-time, while trading.




RICXA-Cubes® are design to detect a change of direction in the short term or long term for Index Futures, Commodities Futures, Forex and other financial instruments.


We used different algorithms, including market depth calculations, for each instrument RICXA supports.


The highly complex algorithms used by RICXA are executed on our main servers and performed using supercomputer processing power.

RICXA does not consume your personal workstation’s valuable calculation resources, which in most cases isn’t even enough for what RICXA requires anyway.


RICXA enables its users to enjoy top-of-the-line, real-time, high-standard rough machine power.

This ability is out of the reach of most retail traders.


Our machines calculate real-time trades at BID, trades at ASK, trades below BID, trades above ASK, INSIDE trades and ten levels of market depth for each side.


These calculation results are immediately fed to your station application, and displayed on your own personal chart.


This is achieved while data from the market flows fluidly and without interruption to our servers, using the highest quality connections possible, thus enabling RICXA to keep its users’ station applications updated, reconciling lost or corrupted data from the user’s own market quote during critical market movements.


RICXA is continuously evolving, developing, learning and upgrading, as we realize that the markets are forever changing and no trading strategy will work forever.


Our basic assumption is that there is no such thing as a perfect indicator, only the pursuit of one.


When you subscribe to RICXA, you get a top-of-the line product designed and built with one clear goal: to be the best and most efficient market-beating tool ever made.


We invite you to feel, try and learn more about the benefits you gain by trading with an institutional-level Bid-Ask analysis platform at your fingertips.

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