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The training program FB Advantage Local by Rick Mulready will teach you how to launch, set up, and optimize your Facebook ads campaigns for more conversion.

What you expect to learn from the FB Advantage Local with Rick Mulready 

You’ll discover why Facebook advertisements are the simplest and most effective method of scaling and automating your company today. Each effective Facebook advertising campaign begins with a game plan, and one of the simplest ways to construct yours is to work backwards from your final objective. Rick Mulready will walk you through each stage of this process, so you have a clear image of a sales funnel that automates your earnings.

Besides, the course FB Advantage Local will help you discover the critical components of a 5-Step strategy for automating Facebook advertisements and generating leads and revenue on a daily basis. When it comes to developing a lucrative campaign, one key component is determining who your advertising will target. The course will go into the who, what, and why of cold, warm, and hot traffic in this session.

Facebook pixels are an integral component of the basis of any automated lead and sales system. You’ll discover all you need to know about how to utilize them effectively and profitably. Facebook has rigorous advertising regulations, and you’ll want to understand them in order to maintain a healthy advertising account. The most critical component of any Facebook advertising system is targeting, since without exposing your advertisements to the appropriate individuals with the proper message, you are wasting your money. Here, you’ll get laser-like precision in determining who to target with your adverts.

FB Advantage Local
FB Advantage Local – Rick Mulready

In addition, Facebook has a wealth of information about its users, which we as marketers may use when targeting your adverts. Understanding your targeting choices can assist in simplifying the process and ensuring that your advertisements are being seen to your appropriate demographic. You also figure out that Facebook offers a variety of choices for when and where your advertising will show. Rick Mulready will show you the two regions on Facebook where your advertising should be placed to generate daily leads and sales.

One of the coolest features of Facebook advertisements is the ability to target individuals who like other Facebook pages in your industry. Greetings to brand-new audiences of prospective clients. This course will demonstrate how to make the most of Facebook’s Detailed Targeting feature, among other things. This is where the real fun begins with Facebook ad targeting. You’ll discover the what, when, why, and how to target individuals on your email list with your adverts.

An attention-grabbing picture is critical for capturing your target audience’s attention. You’ll discover which kind of pictures work best and how to produce them on your own while adhering to Facebook’s ad regulations.

Here’s the course outline of FB Advantage Local

  • Module 1: Set Your Game Plan: The Foundation for Growing Your Business with Facebook Ads
  • Module 2: Target: Who’s Your Ideal Customer?
  • Module 3: Launch: How to Setup Your Ads
  • Module 4: Optimize: Your Ads Are Running, Now What
  • Module 5: Nurture: The Courting Method

More information about your instructor Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready has been dubbed Facebook Advertising’s Iron Man, who is a thought leader in the industry when it comes to breaking down difficult concepts like Facebook advertisements, automation, and funnels into bite-sized, practical bits that entrepreneurs and small companies can consume quicker than a bag of Reese’s Pieces.

Rick Mulready
Rick Mulready

Additionally, Rick is the presenter of The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast, which has over 100,000 monthly downloads and reaches listeners in 190 countries.

Rick moved away from a 12-year career in corporate Internet advertising for firms such as AOL, Yahoo!Funny or Die, and Vibrant Media to dive into the wild world of Facebook advertising and finally reclaim his independence.

Rick Mulready advises entrepreneurs and companies on their Facebook advertising and online marketing strategies in addition to developing industry-leading training courses such as The FB ADvantage and The FB ADmanager.

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