Richard L. Morrill – Strategic Leadership: Integrating Strategy and Leadership in Colleges and Universities


Integrating Strategy and Leadership in Colleges and Universities


Richard Morrill’s new work takes the national dialogue on higher education strategy and leadership and puts some meat on the bones. This is a unique time in our country’s fundamental relationship with and expectations for higher education. Myriad studies and data clearly demonstrate that the time is now for new strategies and responses. This volume provides a detailed roadmap to achieve success through engaged and effective leadership. It is a necessary volume for all who recognize the challenges we face. (Richard D. Legon, president, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, Washington, D.C.)

This book has two great values: first, it may be the best book yet published on ‘strategic leadership’ in general; second, it IS the very best book yet published on ‘strategic leadership’ for twenty-first century higher education. Indeed, given the thorough and wide-ranging nature of Morrill’s study, one can only conclude that this is and will be the definitive statement on strategic leadership in higher education for years to come…. Strategic Leadership is a must-read for presidents, aspiring presidents, senior institutional leaders, board members, strategic planners of all stripes, and for students of higher education desiring to understand the vagaries of academic culture and the complexities of leadership in the twenty-first century. (Thomas C. Longin, executive editor, Planning for Higher Education, and Consultant to presidents and governing boards)

About the Author

Richard L. Morrill serves on several corporate and not-for-profit boards and as a consultant on governance, leadership, and strategy to colleges and universities. Following ten years as president of the University of Richmond, he became chancellor and was also named Distinguished University Professor of Ethics and Democratic Values in 1998. He previously served as president of Centre College and of Salem College.






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