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The course Renew by Honza Lafond will help you to energize your yoga practice by guiding you through a dynamic series of poses that will fuel your inner fire.

Get ready to refresh yourself with the Renew course by Honza Lafond

Yoga has a significant impact on both the physical and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. Furthermore, whether you are going through treatment for an illness, have just had surgery, or are suffering from a chronic disease, yoga may be an important component of your recovery. Many yoga therapists have the unique opportunity to help their patients through a one-on-one process and craft personalized treatments that work alongside their medical and surgical interventions. To that end, yoga may assist speed up the healing process and provide the person with less anxiety and confusion.

It’s time to get your yoga mat ready. Then you’ll learn for thousands of years how many different physical and mental activities are contained inside yoga. The advantages of yoga are universal. Yoga is beneficial for both the young and the old, as well as those of all weights and fitness levels. There’s no need to be frightened by yoga terms, yoga studios, or particularly complex positions. Everyone can benefit from yoga.

Renew by Honza Lafond is all about moving a body in interesting ways. It’s about stoking inner fire and expanding your sense of self. The series begin with building through grounding movements and the practice of visualization, and then go deep into more invigorated practices to do with standing balancing postures and more. You’re about to learn a full range of skills and different asanas that consist of what is considered to be a complete practice of yoga. By the end of the course you will gain the tools and a level of self-awareness that you can take not only in your practice on the mat but also off the mat into the world. 

This Renew program consists of six classes that have an average duration of 45 minutes, in which you will learn how to improve your balance, agility, and stamina by practicing the sequential exercises, how to make yourself more focused by doing visualization exercises, and how to improve your mindfulness by learning about meditation. A 45-minute lesson each week will help you gain strength, flexibility, and connection with your inner self. This six-class series begins with simple exercises, gets progressively more difficult, and ends with a relaxing routine. It’s time to take your body and mind to the next level as you get ready to engage in visualization practices, all while increasing balance and strength.


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Movement, wellness, and spirituality are what Honza Lafond teaches. He formerly resided in the Czech Republic, but in the last fifteen years, he has been traveling throughout the globe. He became interested in meditation and philosophy, which inspired him to begin practicing yoga when he was 19 years old. Honza Lafond feels that both yoga’s fun and disciplined sides are equally vital. In his powerful teaching approach, which includes but is not limited to life coaching, fitness training, and many yoga traditions such as hatha, vinyasa, yin, and acroyoga, he is a product of life coaching, fitness training, and yoga alike. He believes that each learner has a spark that will motivate them to keep the practice of yoga in their everyday lives. To develop the brand YogaBeyond and the practice ACROVINYASA, a transforming school of yoga, Honza Lafond and his wife Claudine have an underlying passion to assist people realize their joy via Yoga.

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