Reconnecting Couples with Solution-Focused Therapy – Linda Metcalf and Elliott Connie


Reconnecting Couples with Solution-Focused Therapy by Linda Metcalf and Elliott Connie provides the best methods to create the links between the couple 

Reconnecting Couples with Solution-Focused Therapy by Linda Metcalf and Elliott Connie provides the best therapy methods to create the links between the couple.

Reconnecting Couples with Solution-Focused Therapy by Linda Metcalf and Elliott Connie

Reconnecting Couples with Solution-Focused Therapy by Linda Metcalf and Elliott Connie sheds light on the methods you can apply to the couple therapy for the deeper connection and the enhancement of the relationships between couples. There are two modules in this course, which can help you understand the striking approaches and the best practices of its application. 

Module 1 – Beyond Compliments: Using Solution-Focused Therapy in Clinical Practice

In this training session, you will learn about how to utilise the solution-focused methods in the therapies with your clients for the ultimate effectiveness. The basics  of the evidence-based SFT model are shown through the step-by-step guidelines on guiding your clients working effectively towards the desired change.  

  • Introduction to Solution-Focused Therapy

The content of this session includes the fundamentals of the solution-focused therapy, for a solid foundation that helps you to upgrade your knowledge and skills.  

  • The Five Steps to Solutions:
    • Concern
    • Goal Setting
    • Exception Identification
    • Scaling Question
    • Task Development
  • Re-description of diagnosis to help clients see themselves within the normal range
  • Interactive Solution-Focused practice
  • The Solution-Focused Process

  • Solution-Focused ideas to consider
  • Working with challenging clients
  • Specific applications of SFT:
    • Sexual abuse
    • Grief and loss
    • School issues
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Eating disorders
  • There are many more things you can learn from this module, such as: 

  • The exploration of distinct cases and the best solutions to tough situations. 
  • The best practices of creating the checklists with clients who have to suffer from depression, relationship conflict or problems with their family members, and so on. 
  • The methods you can leverage in the next session. 

Module 2 – Solution Focused Therapy For Couples: An Evidence-Based Approach for Dynamic Results

The application of SFT to therapy sessions with couples for the enhancement of their relationship and the connection so that they can find the solutions to the problems they face. The reduction of arguments and quarrelling is enabled. Besides, the tools that smooth the process of psychotherapy sessions with couples are openly shared in this module, which can help you achieve the peak performance of your psychotherapies with them. 

There are many types of content that can help you have a comprehensive walk-through, such as heart-felt stories, dynamic lectures, interactive exercises, video examples, and so on. In addition,  you will learn about different methods and approaches to different types of couples with different personality types. 

The six-step process of applying the SFT model to couple therapies include:

  • Step 1: Establishing a “best hope” for the session
  • The establishment of goals and direction as a starting point. 
  • The questions and language for the achievement of goals. 
  • Step 2: Problem free talk
  • The value of taking time to learn about the clients, rather than just spotting their problems though it is one of the main things. 
  • The determination of the role of a therapist during this stage. 
  • Step 3: Honeymoon talk
  • The identification of the exceptions of couple case studies and how to amplify them. 
  • The determination of the strengths of the couple and how to amplify them. 
  • Step 4: Detailed picture of the preferred future
  • The discovery of key elements to the possible preferred future. 
  • The application of solution building language to support the couple to describe their future. 
  • Step 5: Assess current status toward progress
  • The examination of various types of scaling questions.
  • Instructions on the 4 points to an SF scale.
  • Step 6: Session feedback/suggestions

About Linda Metcalf

Linda Metcalf

Linda Metcalf, PhD, LMFT, has dedicated more than her 20 years researching and practicing counselling, providing marriage and family therapies. Linda Metcalf is the author of nine books about the solution-focused approach, such as Solution Focused Narrative Therapy, Counseling toward solutions, The Miracle Question: Answer It and Change Your Life, Solution-Focused RTI: A Positive and Personalized Approach to Response to Intervention, The Field Guide to Counseling Toward Solutions, Solution Focused Group Therapy: Ideas for Groups in Private Practice, Schools, Agencies, and Treatment Programs, and so on. 

About Elliott Connie

Elliott Connie

Elliott Connie, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist specializing in the therapies for couples, families, etc. The method that Elliott Connie has applied is the solution-focused approach. He is now the founder and Executive Director of The Connie Institute. Elliott Connie is also the author and co-author of many notable books, such as The Art of Solution Focused Therapy, Solution Building in Couples Therapy and The Solution Focused Marriage. 

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