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The training program Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual by RealEstateU shows you a complete and powerful strategy to marketing your real estate business. 

Overview of the course Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual by RealEstateU

Investors in dire need of a training program that oversees all parts of their company will like Buyers On Fire’s simple-to-use but extensive features. From building and managing buyer and seller lists, to tracking properties and their status in the pipeline, to one-touch marketing through SMS, email, Facebook advertisements, and Craigslist postings. Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual from RealEstateU is the only real estate investment training curriculum you’ll ever need.

How does the course Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual help you?

With the assistance of Buyer On Fire, you may quickly list a house for sale without possessing a single marketing bone in your body. You’ll know that every single property you list for sale is professionally promoted to sell in seven days or less. You complete a brief form and submit images. Additionally, you understand how to develop an enticing property description that is unique to your home. 

Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual
Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual

Buyer On Fire 3.0 Professional Annual then shows you how to create buyer-attracting Craigslist and Facebook advertising with only a few mouse clicks. Additionally, you’ll learn how to write and manage engaging blog articles, as well as how to easily make and submit a bespoke video of your property to YouTube.

What’s included in this RealEstateU course

  • The Sweet Spot Locator: Enter your investment region and our program will look for places with the most REAL buyers, the greatest homes to purchase, and areas to avoid.
  • Dashboard for Your New CEO: It’s a snapshot of every metric in your firm that indicates what’s performing well and where you should focus your efforts.
  • Technology for Voicemail Broadcasting: It’s unpleasant to answer your phone and hear a bogus, pre-recorded call.
  • Threaded Contact Message: Additionally, you may quickly send them an email, phone, Facebook message, or other kind of communication directly from their message thread.
  • Inbox with Two-Way Communication: You may react to them through the Buyers On Fire inbox, and they will get your response in the same format as they submitted it. You need to monitor just one inbox. What a feat of automation!
  • Broadcasting Technology Advances: Select any group of your contacts (Buyer or Seller) and send them an Email, SMS, or Voicemail broadcast with a single click.
  • File Storage: Log into a contact profile and upload any document, purchase contract, lien release, or similar document to ensure that you always have a paper trail inside your Buyers On Fire account.
  • And much more.

More information about the sales page RealEstateU

RealEstateU is an online real estate school that provides real estate agent pre-licensing courses in 14 states. Additionally, it provides test preparation in thirteen states and continuing education seminars in two states. Additionally, it provides real estate investment classes that are self-paced and accessible from any device. The school is committed to providing interesting classroom sessions that are both inexpensive and accessible to watch on the move.


Each educator at RealEstateU is an accomplished professional in the subject in which they teach. Professors from New York University (NYU) teach some of the real estate investment courses, while other professionals, such as CPAs, real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents, teach the pre-licensing courses. On the school’s website, each teacher is highlighted with a bio that details their history and expertise, as well as the subjects they teach.

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